How to fix my cell phone screen if it won't turn on or give an image

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Accidents do happen but one of the worst would be that the your mobile does not turn on or does not turn on the image , today our cell phone is everything, we live glued to our cell phone in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Every day we use our mobile with which we work, study and communicate. We live in the technological age in which each individual has a cell phone.

But often there are problems with our devices, be it accidents or mistreatment, but don't worry about everything there is a solution and if there is not I recommend that you buy a new device but first give it one second chance one you have.

Subsequently we will give you several solutions to solve your cellphone problem , if your mobile phone screen does not turn on or the screen does not show any image and is completely black. Problems that scare but don't worry are easy to solve.

How to fix my mobile phone screen after an accident?

If your phone for some reason gets a hit and now doesn't give a picture , we must first check if the device has super amoled or amoled technology, that is, a screen that has an LED strip at the bottom of the screen.

Having a led strip at the bottom of the screen, the best would be to buy a new mobile device when your mobile won't turn on or give a picture. Don't spend money on sending it to a cell phone technician, buy a new one.

But if in case it does not have amoled technology then it is much more likely to fix it by uncovering it and reconnecting the screen or a simple reset. And in this way you give your mobile phone a second chance and you save money by not buying a new one.

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What to do if your mobile does not turn on or does not turn on the image?

In case you have an android mobile phone and the screen is black but the mobile phone is still on. This problem does verifies a lot in android cell phones because the mobile phone remains in hibernation mode.

The winterization mode is nothing more than a power saver and many times the screen does not wake up going black when it comes to turning on. It has always been sought that our battery is eternal, so as not to let go of our mobile at any time, there is a power saving mode.

It is a very common problem and easy to solve , you must first perform a force restart, i.e. pressing the power button and the volume down button at the same time.

In other newer cell phones we have to press three buttons at the same time , the power button, and the volume up and down buttons. These buttons are pressed for about 5 seconds and the mobile phone will turn on automatically.

5 things you do wrong with your cell phone

The first point you are making a mistake with your cell phone is to not uninstalling applications correctly , you have to go to the applications, uninstall them and then have them be completely deleted, avoiding filling up the memory.

Second, take your cell phone to the bathroom , these devices are not prepared for the humidity generated by the water vapor when you shower, all the steam enters your equipment.

So I advise you that if you are one of those who takes the cell phone to the bathroom for listen to music when you shower, don't do it anymore . Third, leaving it in high temperatures will greatly affect battery life. Try placing your cell phone in places where it does not receive direct sun for added care.

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Fourth, use generic products, that is use unofficial accessories of our mobile phone as a charger. This damages our device and causes the battery of our mobile phone to run out immediately, although what we always want is to save the battery and make it work properly without overheating it.

Finally, the fifth is not to reboot or shut down correctly the cellular , it should be restarted every 15 days, not every day. With this you help the useful life of your device to work faster and more efficiently by preventing your mobile from running out of power too fast.

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