How to fix my DVD / CD drive not reading any discs?

Computers have become vital for life nowadays. This is due to the number of useful functions they perform both on a daily basis and at work, which has created an addiction. For this reason, if a component is damaged it can be a catastrophe, that's why you have to learn how to repair my DVD / CD player when it does not read any discs.

The topic you will read today is very important to learn, because the reality is that although most of them have a computer at home, not everyone knows how to fix it . Many people just stick to the basics and when it comes time to push their computer it ends up looking like a very stylish paperweight.

    What is a DVD / CD drive and how does it work?

    Before delving into how to fix mine DVD / CD player when it does not read any discs, we first need to know what this drive is and what specific function it performs. This is basically a device or device that stores data, performs read and write operations on disk-shaped storage media.

    These storage drives or disks vary by model and computer. But usually it supports: optical disc drives which include (HD DVD, CD, DVD, among others). Also hard and floppy disk drives (such as floppy disks) and, last but not least, the unit ZIP, JAZ and Superdisk.

    Its operation is very simple, they have a motor that rotates the discs, while a positioning mechanism places the writing heads on the surface of the disc. Which allows you to record it or play it back on it (the speed of the revolution is constant as well as its rotation, but the latter can vary as it is also alternating).

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    They come in many shapes and sizes, they can be built-in or portable, but their operation is usually the same, as is their function in general.

    How to fix my DVD / CD drive when it is not reading any discs?

    Now is the time to learn how to repair your PC's CD drive yourself , in case you ever get an error saying the disk is blank or just won't read it. First, keep in mind that DVD drive models are different (by brand, age, among others). So it won't always work to try to fix it yourself, sometimes you have to give up and ask for help from a professional, or change it yourself.

    However, the method you will learn today to repair my unit DVD / CD when it doesn't read any discs, that's what Microsoft support gives you, so it's reliable and works in many cases.

    The problem in question usually occurs because the drivers are out of date or some registry keys have been changed incorrectly. The solution is to first remove any registry entries that may have changed. To get this, click on " Start "and soon after on" Run ", here type regedit and click" OK ".

    In the navigation panel that will appear, find and select this subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlClass{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}.

    Once this is done, in the right panel select " UpperFilter ". Then in the menu" Modification "displayed, click the option" Delete Finally confirm that you want to remove this item and exit Registry Editor. Restart your PC and it should be fixed now.

    remove the drivers

    If the problem persists you have to remove the drivers, to do so press Windows + R to bring up the window " Run "Where you need to place devmgmt.msc. This will allow you to access the device driver.

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    When you are there, click on the drop-down menu "DVD or DC-ROM drive" and press the option " Uninstall ", confirm again. Then restart your computer (this will cause the drivers to be installed automatically on startup) ending the problem. And that's it, with this last question on how to fix my DVD / CD drive when not. any disc reads should be resolved.

    Remember that you can also copy and recover files from a damaged DVD, so if what isn't working isn't your computer, all is not lost. So soon you will be able to use discs however you like, from recording or burning an mp4 video to a DVD, to copying video from a DVD to a flash drive.

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