How to fix "my iPhone restarts without stopping" problem step by step

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Il iOS is one of the most popular in the technology market, used in devices such as iPhone, iPad and even iPod Touch, whose main function is to make the user's life much easier, and its latest update was released to the world in July this year, being the iOS 13.6 version.

Apple has included new services and new options to improve its use with regards to the camera, video editing and a dark mode that can be applied manually or can be programmed to activate at night. However, despite these amazing and easy-to-use methods, our iPhone could constantly reboot.

How to fix "my iPhone restarts without stopping" problem step by step

This is a more common problem than you think and it can happen to us in two ways, the first is that, while we use it, at any moment it restarts. And the other is when it gets stuck in a restart cycle which does not let us go through the first screen of the apple.

First of all, before doing anything, you should make a backup to safeguard your files and contacts. While some of them may be lost in the process of solving the constant reboot, this copy can be done via iCloud or by keeping a backup on your computer.

Possible causes of constant reboot

A constant reboot can be caused by a download of the software failed and therefore must be fully recovered for achieve optimum performance.

It may also happen that you have an application that sends periodic notifications, such as the calendar app, or whatever you just downloaded, so it is convenient that you delete these applications.

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Steps to fix my iPhone is constantly restarting

Press the home button and the wake button at the same time, do not release it until the iPhone is not completely off, then turn it back on and connect a USB cable to your computer.

However, don't connect the other end of the iPhone ever by holding the start button and now connect the USB al iPhone , while continuing to press start until the graphic USB connection and the iTunes logos appear .

Now from iTunes, click OK when a popup appears informing you that the iPhone is in recovery mode, go to Devices> Restore> Backup . Once the backup is complete, the iPhone starts restoring its operating and functional system.

It's a process that will take some time, so you need to arm yourself with as much patience as possible, remember to disconnect the equipment only when it indicates that it is safe to do so ; You can also update some applications that are no longer compatible with your computer's software and knowing which ones are is very simple.

Some of the installed applications are faulty, so you need to access the analytics data in the privacy settings and, if one appears, delete it in the main screen. Another option that can help you fix a constant restarting of your iPhone is to download the iOS version.

For example, if you have iOS 13 , you can download it at iOS 12 in a simple way, first disable the option " Find my iPhone "within the settings in iOS 13, at the same time you download the version of iOS 12 that matches your device, then connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes.

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Select your device and, holding down the key OLD, Click Restore, then choose the file you downloaded from iOS 12 earlier and the process will start automatically. These are some of the solutions that can help your iPhone stop restarting and continue optimally.

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