How to fix my Mac computer not recognizing the mouse quickly?

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Your computer is the best assistant there is, as it performs functions that make life easier (like allowing you to configure and set an alarm). Most depend on them today, so if they fail, anyone's work can be compromised. With that in mind, the question will be answered today , how to fix my Mac computer not recognizing the mouse?

And it is that no matter what brand or operating system your PC contains, at some point, due to old age or technical problems, devices can get damaged. So it never hurts to know how to fix these types of problems yourself, so you can save time and money.

    How can I fix my Mac computer that does not recognize the mouse?

    Before starting the answers to the question posed, you must keep in mind that there are several problems that can arise with a mouse of a MAC, so today you will see several solutions, which will be separated for a better understanding.

    The first of these is for those mice that are USB and you can use it if your mouse is not recognized or if it only fails for intermittent periods of time.

    To achieve this you need to disconnect any USB device connected to the computer except the mouse and keyboard, then you need to change the position of the mouse until you find a port that works, if it doesn't work, then change the mouse and try again (with another systems operating there are tricks that let you know which USB ports on your PC work well, on Mac it's no different so you should search for them for more specific information)

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    If the new device works, it means the ports are fine and you need to replace your old device, if not, you need to check the USB ports.

    Keep in mind that this is one of the simpler solutions, in case it doesn't work for you or your mouse isn't USB, then read on.

    Second solution: check for interference

    The above solution might clarify the question How to fix my Mac computer not recognizing the mouse? , but if it wasn't, you should do the following:

    First, move any phone base station or device away from the MAC, as well as any microwaves or anything that may cause interference. This is because many times 2,4GHz networks can cause interference between the mouse and the computer .

    Also, for added precaution, you can keep any wireless device within 10 meters of your computer, and avoid placing any objects with metallic features near it.

    Third solution: StartUp manager

    If your mouse continues to have problems and you still can't answer the question How to fix my Mac computer not recognizing the mouse ?, then it's time to use the boot manager.

    To do this, you must first restart your computer and then when you hear the characteristic start tone you must hold down the "key" Option ", this will boot your device with the boot manager.

    If doing so the mouse turns on and moves, it is a computer failure, so you need to reinstall the operating system and software. In case it does nothing, it means that your mouse is dead and it's time to buy a new one.

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    Final options to fix my Mac computer not recognizing the mouse

    If none of the above worked for you, you can try just changing your device's batteries or checking if you have bluetooth turned on in the MAC, this may sound silly, but it never hurts to check.

    In case the bluetooth is offline, you just have to restart the computer to turn it on, if this does not happen, restart it again but in doing so press the keys " Command " is " S This will put you into single user mode, if the mouse works here, you need to reinstall the operating system.

    Apple products are very well made, so if you have a problem like this, it's probably because your mouse already needs a change, but you can always apply the above solutions before taking that step.

    Remember that although Macs are good, they are not perfect, so they also have errors such as freezing on gray screen on startup or running slow, but this like mouse is fixable, so you shouldn't despair if it happens to you, to you , you just have to look for a tutorial and solve everything with patience.

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