How to fix "OOBEKEYBOARD or OOBESETTINGS" error when installing Windows 10 in VirtualBox

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After downloading Virtualbox for Windows, an error can become very frustrating. That said, today we show you how to fix 'OOBEKEYBOARD or OOBESETTINGS' error when installing Windows 10 in VirtualBox


The Windows installation process has been streamlined over the years, in fact now it can be done in minutes . You may already take it for granted, but a few years ago this process was much more complex and lasting. In any case, while the installation is more efficient, the possibility of errors still prevails

The error with the 'OOBEKEYBOARD o OOBE SETTINGS' it's not something common, but it's usually related to Windows installations. The causes can be different, but fortunately there is a solution that is effective in most cases. If you want to try it, read on.

Fix "OOBEKEYBOARD or OOBESETTINGS" error when installing Windows in VirtualBox

During the installation of Windows there is a possibility of various errors, especially if the installation is done via VirtualBox. One of these common errors is the "OOBEKEYBOARD or OOBESETTINGS" error, which usually appears when installing Windows 10 or another version.

In fact, the error doesn't appear only when installing via a virtual machine. There is also the possibility that the error appears during Windows installation in a normal way . Fortunately, there are a few things we can do to fix the problem, but we'll need the command console for that.

  • To start the command console just press the combination of keys Shift + F10 . At the same time remember that you can put Virtualbox in full screen mode, to work more comfortably.
  • Once the command prompt appears during Windows setup, type the code " net user administrator/active: yes "and press the Enter key.
  • After writing the above code, type " cd oobe "And Awards Enter.
  • Now you have to type " exe "and use the Enter key again to continue with the process.
  • The last step will be to write the code " oobe "and for the last time press Enter.
  • Doing the above will display the installation loading screen. Just wait for the process to finish. In most cases you will be able to continue the Windows installation without any problems
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Fix VirtualBox error when installing Windows in VirtualBox (another alternative)

In case the solution shown above doesn't work, there is a variation of the previous method that might help. In addition, it is also valid if this error occurs while using the computer or virtual machine. To use this method read the following information.

  • First of all you will need to open the Windows command console, this time you can do it by pressing the combination of keys Shift + F10 .
  • The Windows command console will appear, in it you need to write the following code " net user administrator / active: yes ", then press Enter.
  • Now write the following code " net user/add admin password "and press the Enter key again.
  • The next code to use is " net localgroup administrators admin/add "and press Enter again.
  • After the above, write the code " cd% windir% system32 oobe "and press Enter again.
  • Finally, type " exe "at the command prompt and press Enter again.
  • After the above, a loading screen should appear, after which the computer should boot normally. If not, just press the shutdown button and turn it back on.

The methods shown above are functional in resolving the error in most circumstances. Therefore, if you cannot install Windows a cause of the 'OOBEKEYBOARD or OOBESETTINGS' error in the virtual machine, follow the instructions above to the letter.

If all of the above works, then it remains only to perform the basic processes to set up Windows in your virtual machine. Therefore, don't forget to adjust the VirtualBox Windows 10 screen resolution.

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On the other hand, if VirtualBox really doesn't work for you or the error persists, you can increase the size of the virtual machine's hard drive. Perhaps this will help solve the problem.

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