How to fix or fix the "Minecraft has stopped or closed" error

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The world of sandbox games has taken the video game industry by the horns and dominated the market for many years, thanks to its style of play. universal and its great ones , virtually infinite possibility to revolutionize the concept of style creation. of the most popular games, and also considered one of the best, is Minecraft.

Minecraft needs very little introduction nowadays, since in the last decade led the genre thanks to its revolutionary proposals and its simple but not limited game system, its constant updates that always change the details to offer a new experience to the user.

In addition, its presence on all platforms, with its own "Bedrock" version selected for mobile devices and game consoles.

    What are the requirements to play Minecraft?

    Minimum requirements:

    Recommended requirements:

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      On mobile devices, the application is known as "Minecraft: Pocket Edition" although it is also known as the "Bedrock version" since it shares details with the versions for Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, although the difference is that its functions are mixed with those of a conventional mobile game, so its solutions are similar to those already known.

      The app may be out of date

      The first step to playing Minecraft on a mobile is to be able to download it, which you can easily do from either official page that from the Play Store , always trying to download the Pocket Edition version as any other version will not work correctly.

      If you have already downloaded the application, it is important to verify that the version of MInecraft you have downloaded is the most recent, since the game must be updated in so that there can be no performance and compatibility issues between the details of each version, because when using versions older than the most recent, being the "Nether Update" 1.16 at the time of writing.

      The cell phone could be the problem

      There are times when the application does not require any modification as the mobile phone has problems, which can vary greatly between devices. The main problem may be the lack of RAM , which is problematic when Minecraft worlds are in a multiplayer world, as the servers can be easily overloaded.

      Another problem that can arise is the lack of internal memory, which overloads the functioning of the mobile phone itself and requires deletion of the game cache, the general cache of the mobile phone or applications that are not used on the mobile. The idea is to allow the mobile phone to have enough RAM and internal memory space to perform Minecraft functions smoothly.

      Update the application

      Update the drivers

      Clear cache

      Through the configuration of your device: Minecraft .

      Erase all data

      Can Minecraft be reinstalled without losing progress?


      How to configure the game to run smoothly

      What's better than solving a problem? Prevent it, and with Minecraft there are many options which allow the game to run on low-end mobiles without having to exploit it, much like the options that the computer version has (which can be Java or the Windows 10 version) and is as simple as extracting a block of stone.

      Minecraft visual options

      Minecraft has very simple graphics and it's no secret that its cubic design provides more optimization than other sandbox and survival games that work with more elaborate graphics, but that doesn't mean the application has no technical details that affect performance . Minecraft settings allow you to change aspects without even having to log into the game itself.

      The most important thing when configuring aspects is the performance of the "Chunks", which is a measure of the blocks the world loads to render in real time. The game will default to a number of blocks that can be rendered which can be a lot for some cell phones, so it is advisable to lower the number to less than 10 blocks in so that its performance improves.

      Another option to consider is environmental details such as clouds, particles, lights and graphics, all of which are likely to be edited so that they can be viewed in an elegant and more advanced way or with fast graphics that it loses a bit of stylization in the final result. All found in the "Settings" menu of the application.

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