How to fix PS2 and Xbox One Netflix error NW-5-4?

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There isn't a single person today who doesn't have Netflix on their computer, console, or TV (you can also watch Netflix on a TV that's not a smart TV). As this is the best streaming application out there (you can download it for free from). For this reason, if something fails, it can turn a good day into a bad one. So that this does not happen to you, today you will learn how to correct the error Netflix nw-2-5 on PS4 and Xbox One.

And, if you are one of those who log this error, you should know that you are not alone on the boat. This error is very common in the community of users of this application. So there are literally not one but several solutions to be able to put an end to this problem on all devices it runs on.

Remember before starting that although this error does not allow you to log in to the application, it has nothing to do with login problems, so you will have to look for solutions to the most common problems while logging in.

    How to fix Netflix error nw-2-5 on PS4 and Xbox One?

    So that you can better understand the topic and understand the solutions that will arise for the question How to fix the Netflix error nw-2-5 PS4 and Xbox One ?, This tutorial will be divided into several parts, however please note that the solutions are the same for both consoles.

    The first of these is to verify that your internet server allows streaming. So, you should contact the company that provides it and ask for it. It may sound silly, but there are actually many companies that intentionally block these services.

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    Restart the router and console

    If you've already verified that your service allows streaming, but you still can't open Netflix, try unplugging the power cord from the console for at least 1 minute and, while it is off, restart the router.

    This has been shown to help many, as you may have an internal error or there was simply interference between the console and the router, causing the application to not work as it should.

    Configure PS4 DNS

    Another solution is to configure the DNS of your console well, for this go to " Configuration ", then on" Network "and select there "Configure internet connection", in that section choose a connection method (Wifi or LAN), in If it is via Wifi, then check the "Custom" box and then write the name of your network.

    If it is via LAN choose the same, but instead of writing the name, check the "Operating mode" box. Once this is done, go to the "IP Address Settings" option and set it to automatic, the same for "DNS Settings" and "MTU Settings".

    Finally stop on "DHCP hostname" and put "Do not establish", and in the "Proxy server" put "Do not use", then do a connection test by giving the button with the same name.

    If all went well, Netflix it should work for you in otherwise you will have to restart your home network and console again as in the previous step (required), this may make it load this time.

    Configura DNS Xbox one

    In case you're from Xbox, it's time to set up yours DNS To do this, go to the "Settings" section, then select "Network", then "Network Settings" and then "Advanced Settings".

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    Within the latter, click on "DNS Settings" and finish by clicking on the " Automatic ". Press B to save and go to Netflix. In case that doesn't work, restart your router and console. Remember that you can always switch to the best DNS on PS4 and Xbox One to get a better connection (which if you can fix the problem).

    Connect the modem cable to the console

    If for the things in life, none of the above worked for you and you still don't solve the question How to fix PS2 and Xbox One Netflix error nw-5-4 ?, then as a last option connect directly the network cable at the console door , Then restarts the router for 30 seconds and when it reconnects open the application.

    If you need more information about it, or have any other problem, we recommend that you search for how to troubleshoot the error code in Netflix, so that streaming never disappoints you.

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