How to fix Smart TV if it turns on but stays on logo or sticks

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In the past 10 years, we have seen that technology has made progress after progress, something that has caused an impact on the world population has been the updating of televisions, where are the models of Smart TV , being the most famous today. And that's because these computers are manufactured with an operating system that allows them to function, too, as a Android or any operating system.

Of course, as you can imagine with any other equipment, it is normal or common for Smart TVs to fail and problems when it comes to functioning. Therefore, in this article we will develop some common problems like when getting stuck with the logo on the screen, among other failures; and what you can do to fix them.

Why do Smart TVs freeze with logo on screen and how to fix it?

As these TVs are now manufactured with an operating system, such as those used by phones where you can even download apps from the Play Store, many times that operating system can fail and prevent the TV from starting up.

Specifically, this problem that the logo appears on the screen and does not go from there, is due to a software update problem.

The solution to these problems will depend on whether this device has Android and also on the make or model of your Smart TV, as they vary by manufacturer. Therefore, we recommend that you take a long look at the manual that the equipment brought when you bought it, where you will find the solution to a problem with Android.

In case your Smart TV doesn't have an Android OS, the other models have a small reset button on the back. To tap the button, which is like those that carry Internet modems, you have to do something subtle for 30 seconds with the screen on and restart.

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However, it could happen that the your Smart TV model does not have a button to restart the equipment . So, we will have to use the remote control of it. To do this, you just have to press the Menu button for about 20 seconds so that it can be restarted; If it asks for a password, the safest thing is 0000 .

If none of these solutions work for you, it is most likely a major damage, in those cases it is better to go to a technical service center. On the other hand, these are not the only problems that may appear on your Smart TV as well manifest on its screen .

What are other common problems with Smart TVs?

One of the main problems that arise regardless of make or model is that although we know the television is on, we don't see the picture. In general, the solution to this problem is quite simple, check on the remote control that the Smart is in the correct input in the "TV / VIDEO" option .

Another very common problem is that our Smart TV does not detect the WiFi network , but this is something that happens the first few seconds when the TV is turned on. Then, when it turns on, wait a couple of minutes for it to connect, if it isn't connected yet, connect an Ethernet cable directly to the Smart's input.

On the other hand, many times there is a problem similar to what we explained at the beginning that the screen gets stuck, but it is when it is turned on. In this case, it happens that the screen freezes while the TV is on and ends up turning off, and it could be a constant problem.

To quickly fix this problem, you might try not to overheat the TV , neither from excessive use, nor from very high temperatures in the room where the Smart TV is located. Then, you can fix it by inserting a fan that helps cool the TV system or let it sit for a while.

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