How to fix the "Application has stopped" problem on Android (example)

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Blocking an application is definitely something no Android user wants. When these situations arise, we can become very frustrated; because we might miss something important we were doing. There is no need to continue stressed, because in this guide we will show you how solve the problem The application has stopped .

How to fix the "Application has stopped" problem on Android

Sometimes it happens when you open the gallery to see our image or video files, other times it just happens when you run an application of any kind. We find an automatic termination, quite unexpected, which ruins our plans and our experience of using the mobile phone.

What we will do is explain some of the methods to fix the Application has stopped, validates alone for Android devices . If none of these steps solve your problems, you should start looking for a trusted technician to properly diagnose the problem.

How to fix the "Application has stopped" problem on Android?

1- The first solution that we will propose to you is simple to implement. We will access one of the applications that is giving us problems, in this case we'll take the gallery , which is where it happens to many. Press and hold the app (which is already present on your phone by default), and we will drag its icon onto the app information text, which will appear at the top of the screen.

From the menu that appears, we will choose the Storage option. As a last step, you will touch the buttons Clear data e Clear cache to free up space (your photos or application will not be deleted, only unnecessary stuff).

2- In the case of applications that are not installed at the factory, we will carry out the process in the same way as before. But, if the error is not resolved, we need to uninstall it and then install it again. This action will allow for a clean install, leaving behind any problems you may have.

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3- We can try to restart our device mobile. This will allow for a clean boot, which optimizes the installed applications, improving the smoothness of the phone.

4- If you have too many applications, you might try to delete the less necessary ones.

5- Background processes consume our battery and RAM memory. They are a very common cause of problems in the operation of smartphones. You can use an application like KillApp for to close automatically all background processes .

6- In case the Play Store fails, you will have to do something very simple. If the first step didn't work, try deleting the updates for this app. By sticking to the factory version, you will avoid many compatibility problems.

Extreme measures to repair your phone

Another measure to fix the Application has stopped, is perform a hard reset on our mobile phone. This is the last measure we need to take, as hard reset involves factory reset of our device.

In other words, all your installations and configurations will be deleted, for this step you must first backup all your important files (photos, recordings, documents, notes).

Do not push it. If your device's features aren't optimal for some applications, it's best to find a way to buy a new one , even if it is an extra expense.

How to keep my phone in good condition?

After putting all these measures into practice, you will not have more problems with the phone , at least for a while. In order to keep your mobile working properly, you need to remember to give it periodic maintenance . Look for applications that clean up memory and free up RAM, delete unnecessary files, and turn off every time.

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Remember that, as mentioned at the beginning, if the error has not been resolved, it may be necessary to contact a specialized technician. This is because, of course, it is a hardware problem , which cannot be fixed without physically checking the mobile.

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