How to fix the crazy screen problem on my android mobile

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Android phones are among the phones with the best operating systems preferred by users. The Android have great performance and have few flaws. Therefore, when one of them fails, the user could worry a lot about his device and also about the information it has inside it.

Some defects presented in these cell phones can be reflected on the screen. For example, Android mobile phones may have black screen issues and you can follow a series of steps depending on the brand of mobile to know how to fix the problem.

In other cases, the error could be that the screen won't turn on or respond. Sometimes problems like this are software problems . But in case your android cellphone screen went crazy then you need to follow another set of steps. Here's how to fix this.

    Cell phone screen failures

    The main fear that most Android users feel when they see an error on their mobile phone screen is the fear of not being able to extract the files inside when the screen is black or broken.

    In order for this not to happen and the files not to be lost, many also use Micro SD cards in their devices. But these can also get corrupted or formatted due to damage, although they also have a solution. If so, you can still recover the files.

    The displays they may have a so-called ghost screen error or a crazy screen. This is the name given to the effect that Android has when screens move and work by themselves by tapping everywhere.

    Restart your mobile or update

    While it doesn't seem like the best way to fix it, it's a very effective solution. You have to try to restart the phone in so it stops touching like crazy. If when you restart the phone it still continues with the taps in a crazy and progressive way, it is better to try something else to fix the problem.

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    Another cause of this problem it could be the presence of damaged or outdated drivers . If they manage to update or search for new versions of these it is very sure that the solution to all this problem will be found with the phone screen.

    There is a GPU trick that can help make crazy screen touches disappear. This trick will not harm the device, in fact it is there in case a problem like this occurs. In the settings of the mobile you have to go to the section related to the device, while there you have to repeatedly press the number of the compilation ten times.

    This will activate the developer options. Next, the user must exit that section and log into the developer menu but in the advanced options section. At this point the GPU looks for the option indicating strength. This will force the graphics drawings from the processor. With this ready, the safest thing is that the problem will stop and be fixed.

    Piezoelectric generator of a powder keg or lighter

    This acts as a pulsating mechanism, generating sparks that ignite the gas when pressed. You must only separate the spark generator from the part where the fire is lit and downloads are started on the mobile screen of the Android device. There is no need to worry as these generated downloads do not harm your device.

    In case the downloads really work, they will not only take the crazy touches off the screen, but they can too help revive sections screen where the sensor previously did not collect fingers. If it is the case that the screen is damaged beyond the crazy touches, this trick will do it all.

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    The user should do nothing more than detect in which area of ​​the screen they occur the most the individual taps on the phone and generate the downloads with the bait or lighter previously prepared for this action. Removing the fire from the area where the spark will be triggered.

    The components belonging to the cell phone will not have any higher discharge than expected. Nothing will be harmed by activating it because a tinderbox does not have enough strength to achieve this, which is why these kinds of actions are safe to perform.

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