How to fix the error in Free Fire "Check incorrect date and time on your device"

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Garena Free Fire is a multiplayer game very popular today. It can be accessed for a party game from many devices and consoles. PC, PlayStation or in its Android versions offered by Garena, you can enjoy a game. And it's this same high demand that makes it prone to not being perfect when it comes to glitches or bugs.

This time we will touch on a bug in the mobile version. This problem happened a lot last year and can continue to happen today with the game having to do with time. A error message which says the date and time are wrong on your device, even if they are not. We will offer you several solutions for this problem.

How to fix the error in Free Fire "Check incorrect date and time on your device"

First error solution in Free Fire: restart WiFi or mobile data

One solution you can try is when you see an error message, it is turn off your WiFi or your data . After that, reopen the game, this time the message will not be the time error but "loading error", of course.

Do not close the message and turn your data or WiFi back on. Then hit the OK button to close the "loading error" message and when the connection is re-established, the game should start. This is a little trick to outsmart the system.

It doesn't always work the first time, so sometimes you have to too try the process more than three times. However, not many people can hope that it will always work for them. Therefore, while this little trick works a large percentage of times, you have to try other ways as well.

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Second bug fix in Free Fire: disable automatic time or network

Another solution is to configure in the time options and disable the automatic option. Go to the phone settings in the "date and time" section. Disable the "automatic date and time" option This is because the time is provided by an online server and the game may have trouble reading it. Mainly because automatic time gets out of control if we spend time disconnected from the internet or data.

Then, search for the correct time and set it manually . Once finished, the game should allow it to open and start normally.

Perhaps the error is not due directly to the time, but to the connection. For the following solution you need to enter mobile networks in the phone settings. Select the option "Private network mode" and if you selected the "automatic" option, change it to one of the other networks shown below in the list.

This method, while it sounds strange, has proven effective in some players. Therefore, it is worth a try. If it hasn't solved anything, re-establish the connection with what you had previously,

Third bug fix: clear cache data

Some players fix the error by downloading a VPN, which is a system that allows you to modify your local data and the zone you are in to bypass the server, including the time zone.

However, we do not recommend it at all, not just because VPN detection makes you prone to being suspended from the game by moderators. If not, because using this can make your game slow and LAG, making your games difficult.

Finally, if none of the above works, it's very likely the game is up by storing some incorrect data. Therefore, we will have to clear the cache.

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To clear the game specific cache, go to the settings and applications section. Enter "Free Fire" once inside the card. Then press the "clear cache" option. Don't press the option to delete the data, only the one to clear the cache which will delete the junk data. Among these data, possible incorrect data that cause the application to not read the time will be eliminated.

Once the cache is cleared, try to re-enter the game. On a final try, you may need to reinstall the app if nothing works for you.

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