How to fix the error when not all Blogger entries are displayed?

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If you are a blogger and you have created an account on Blogger trusting that it is the best company, it will not be very pleasant if the main page of it presents you with problems that take time to solve. That is why today you will learn a resolve errors when not all entries appear quickly in Blogger.

And it is that there have been few users who have reported this problem for a while. This mistake is very common and not even blogging typical but it has more to do with Google. Be that as it may, it has wasted more than one person's time and even days of I work looking for solutions , that's why this post comes.

    What is the cause of this annoying error?

    Before learning how to troubleshoot when not all posts appear on Blogger, it's good to know why they originate. It's very simple, this is due to Blogger's automatic pagination that Google rolled out as an update in 2010. It was a function that was placed to increase the loading speed of the main page of the said blog.

    What this does is determine the number of entries shown at the beginning regardless of the ones you chose earlier. This is to allow faster page opening speed.

    Not a bad feature at all, but nonetheless it is the cause of many bloggers' headaches and the worst part is that it's not removable at all, you have to learn to live with it.

    Fix the error when not all posts appear in Blogger

    Taking into account the above if you will now learn some tricks to live more peacefully with auto pagination. The first of these is change the date of entry.

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    This should apply if there are a lot of images in your most recent post or it is very heavy. Since in that case, the function will take effect by limiting the number of entries to be displayed, as it will detect that there are very large files that could interfere with the page loading.

    For the trick to work, you just need to change the date of your post. Countdown according to the number of items set for display. For example: if you have the main page setup for 8 posts, you just need to find the latest one and enter the date of your new post as if you had published it before this one.

    This will fix an error when not all entries are shown in Blogger, but it will also affect the order of your blogs. So, if you are one of the careful ones, you better use another method. For example, you can manually index Blogger entries in Google search, to avoid a problem with Google, which isn't as effective but will show you details you haven't seen before.

    Insert line break in blogs

    In case you don't want to do the previous trick, you can always opt for this other one. Where you just need to insert the line break in the text. For this you have to establish the line break function, which is already native to the blog and allows you to choose the text that will be displayed on the home page.

    All you have to do is stop at the end of the first text and press the icon representing the line break. Which is a document ripped in half located at the top right of the toolbar.

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    Once this is done, you will notice that when you save your changes, only what is above that jump will be shown on the main page. This will lighten your document to prevent automatic pagination from starting and blog posts disappear.

    With the latter, it is already certain that you know how resolve an error when not all entries are shown in Blogger, so go put it into practice and make up for lost time!

    And when you finish and your voices are normal, look for ways to improve them, for example looking for how to place H1, H2 H3 and H4 in voices or looking for how to place emoticons or emojis correctly, and that depends on you.

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