How to fix the SERVER NOT FOUND error in Firefox: quick and easy (example)

If you have problems with Mozilla Firefox browser, you should read the following guide to learn how to fix SERVER NOT FOUND error in Firefox - quick and easy .

Defects of Mozilla Firefox, what you need to consider

Errors like "Server not found" in Firefox can be fixed relatively easily. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before look for relevant solutions . Undoubtedly, the most important thing is to check if the problem occurs very often or with different websites.

Is it a single site or are there many?

As we pointed out, you need to check if the website you are trying to access is not the one with the problem. In other words, check if you have the problem on other web pages. If the problem only occurs with a single website, the problem is most likely with the server where the page is stored.

If this is the cause, there is nothing to be done, the only thing left is wait for the web page to be available again . This is something common, at some point it usually happens that web pages have problems with these characteristics. For this reason don't be alarmed, in most cases you will be able to surf again after a while.

On the other hand, if the problem is global, i.e. it appears with many (or all) websites, the error could be a configuration error. Even so, in most cases the error can be resolved with great ease.

How to fix the SERVER NOT FOUND error in Firefox: quick and easy

There are several methods in case the problem of the Firefox server not found continue to occur. Here we will show what you should do if you have this problem.

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Check the antivirus

It may seem strange, but many times it is impossible to access websites, because the antivirus is blocking them. If so, it's better disable the antivirus and check if you can access the Internet or to the problematic website.

If you can log in, it is very likely that what we pointed out earlier is what is creating the problem. If so, you have several options, one of them is to change your antivirus, for which you can consider some of the best antiviruses around. On the other hand, you can disable your antivirus while using a website, but do it at your own risk .

Provide a DNS server

In the case of a more practical solution, the first thing to try is to perform a configuration in the Windows Control Panel. For this reason, go to the Windows start menu and search for "Control Panel" when it appears, click on it. Within the control panel you need to locate the Internet options, specifically "Network and Shared Resources Center" .

Go to the center of networks and shared resources, in this section click on " Change adapter settings The network adapters will appear, select the one you are currently using and right click on it. Locate the "Internet Protocol Version Four (TCP / IPv4)" section and click "Properties".

Below you need to select the option "Use the following DNS server addresses". You need to provide a specific server, in this case in "Preferred DNS server" enter On the other hand, in "Alternate DNS Server" it goes as follows

Once you have finished making the changes mentioned above, simply click "Accept". In most cases, the above action usually fixes the Mozilla Firefox problem. Of course, actions like clearing the cache, DNS of a router could also help, but first it is advisable to go for the basics, i.e. restart the router.

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Restart the router

While it may seem like a silly or inappropriate solution, many times the restarting the router can help . For this reason, we recommend that you reset or restart the router to repair the Internet connection with Mozilla Firefox.

After the above, it is recommended to wait a few minutes, so that the connection is completely restarted . In this way, it is possible that your Internet access will be restarted and the problem with Firefox will be resolved.

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