How to fix the "UA599" error in the Banco Estado app on Android - Step by step guide

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The mobile applications of the banks that we know are a convenient way to carry out our transactions . The State Bank also has its own; If you are one of their customers, you may be interested in knowing how to fix the UA599 error in the Banco Estado app on Android.

    What is the Banco Estado App?

    , is an application developed by the bank of the same name. Its headquarters are in Chile and it is very well known, because it has one long history dating back to 1953 and many people usually have a RUT account with them.

    This App is used by more than 7 million people ; since it is a digital solution that allows them to make transactions, such as the BE Pass or the PagoRUT. But in some cases, an annoying error appears with the code UA599.

    What is the UA599 error of the Banco Estado App?

    At the users who use the Banco Estado application UA599 error is presented, because the application detects if on your mobile you have downloaded an application that grants superuser access and has permissions to access the Root service.

    This is primarily due to a security measure. Because root access allows you to modify a lot of application data at the source code level. Therefore, the Banco Estado App considers it a possible gateway to get your banking information.

    Why does the Banco Estado app UA599 error occur?

    This mistake endangers security and the integrity of our personal and banking data, generally for 3 reasons, which we will describe below:

    • First: the same user activated it , to make a change on his Android device and forgot to remove it. There are many applications for root users on Android phones that serve this purpose.
    • According to: a technician left it activated , after an overhaul or repair of the mobile phone.
    • Third: the user downloaded, installed and started an application of dubious origin , which activated rooting to hack the mobile device.
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    Fortunately, there are solutions for the UA599 error on Android. Once you have completed the necessary steps, you will have normal access to the Banco Estado App, to be able to carry out your electronic banking operations.

    Steps to resolve the Banco Estado App 'UA599' error

    First of all you need to check if your Android phone is Jailbroken , for this you have to download the Root Checker application; By doing so, it will inform you if it has Root permissions, in case you report that you have the permission it is because your Android has the Jailbreak application in use.

    If you are using iOS, look for the applications on your iPhone, from the search bar you have to place Cydia or Zebra; If you have some of these two, it means your iPhone has Jailbreak , already confirmed this to solve the UA599 error you have to follow the procedures of the methods that will be shown below:

    Clean the cache and application data: in case the mobile phone does not have the modified system. That is, if you get the error message without having Root permission, you need to delete the application cache and data, to try to access the application again. For this action you need to follow the following steps:

      If you are using iOS devices, you need to delete the application and reinstall it.

      Disable USB debugging and options to develop: in case your Android mobile has developer options enabled and USB debugging at the same time, it is very common for these errors to appear, as application security does not allow the operation If these options are enabled, to check if this is why the app doesn't work, follow the next steps.

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        Update or reinstall the application: if the system is not modified, if your mobile is without Jailbreak or Root and the above option did not work for you, you need to delete the application. You have to reinstall it, in this case it would be a more updated version and then you will make sure that the problem is not due to the application version, to update the application follow the following steps:

          Remove jailbreak or root permissions: in case the above-given methods didn't work for you then you need to remove jailbreak or root from the devices. You have to do it, since the Banco Estado application is not compatible with modules and frameworks to be able to count with those mobile devices that have the modified system.

          Here because it is better to remove the permissions . The process is different, so you need to read the permissions documents of each mobile.

          It will work unless the mobile has a custom firmware, which automatically creates the root every time it restarts. But those are rare cases, it's not the usual thing and definitely ti help , to get you out of trouble and to do your banking.

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