How to fix update error 0x800F0986 in Windows Update (example)

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Many Windows users often have problems trying to perform certain updates on their devices, so they need help fixing them. Today, therefore, we will explain how to fix the update error 0x800f0986 in Windows Update, in a simple way and in a few steps. But before fixing Windows Update errors, let's discuss why these errors pop up while trying to update.

Why am I getting update error 0x800f0986?

This usually happens when we try to perform a download, a cumulative patch update with the help of the settings in Windows 10. And instead of downloading the update, the program shows us a message of "Update Error 0x800f0986".

Once you understand why the 0x800f0986 update error , we will analyze below how to repair update errors in Windows 10.

Fix Update Error 0x800f0986 in Windows Update

Next, we will help you to correct this error which prevents you from putting in the necessary updates to keep your operating system running smoothly.

  • Make sure the Windows update service is active:
  1. Select the Win key + R.
  2. In the "CMD" command window enter "Services.msc" and then click "OK".
  • A list of services will appear, from which you need to select "Windows Update" and double-click.
  • Then a window will appear " Windows Update Properties ".
  • In the "General" tab, you have to select where it says "Startup type" and then "Automatic".
  • Then you need to choose where it says "Start" and wait for the analysis to take place.
  • Finally, select "Apply" and then "OK" to close the tab.
    • Enable the Windows Update Troubleshooter
    1. We will go to the search engine, which is located in the bar of our PC applications.
    2. We will copy the following words "Fix activation problems"
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  • Then we select it and it will send us to a "Settings" window.
  • In the left bar, we choose " Solve problem "and then where it says" Windows Update ".
  • We will get the "Run the problem solver" option and select it.
  • Then a window will appear, carrying out the analysis of the problems present.
  • And finally we select "Apply this review" and that's it.
  • Other steps to fix update error 0x800f0986 in Windows Update

    To fix the Windows Update error when you do not update Windows 10; We need to take the following steps, which we will indicate below.

    • Clean up to the " Software distribution "
    1. Go to the "Windows Update Properties" tab.
    2. Select the "Stop updates" option.
    3. So choose " File Explorer "on the taskbar.
    4. Once logged in, copy this path, C:> Windows> Software Distribution> Downloads.
    5. Press the "CTRL + A" keys to get all the contents of that file.
    6. Next, you need to press "Delete".
    7. Then we will click "Start" in the Windows Update properties tab.
    8. Finally, we will select "Resume".
      • Let's roll back the Windows update
      • In the Finder of the taskbar, enter "CMD".
      • Where it says "Command Prompt", select "Run as administrator".
      • Then in the window, enter these commands separately:
        1. "Net stop wuauerv".
        2. "Net stop cryptSvc".
        3. "Network stop bit".
        4. "Net stop msiserver".
        • Then enter the following command and then select "Return".
        1. "Ren C: Windows Distribution Software Distribution.old".
        • So you will have to enter these commands , one by one:
        1. "Net start wuauserv".
        2. "Net start cryptSvc".
        3. "Network start bit".
        4. "Net start msiserver."
          • And finally, restart your computer.
          • Disable third-party antivirus utilities:

          Error 0x800f0986, from third party antivirus utilities , which blocks the necessary updates for Windows Update. For this reason, we may disable third-party antivirus software to fix Windows Update error 0x800f0986.

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          Restart Windows 10

          As a last step, we restart our Windows 10 , to perform the changes we have made on our PC, following these steps:

          • In the search engine we enter " Reset this team "and select it.
          • This will open a tab in the configuration that says "Recovery".
          • We select "Start", then "Save my files".
          • Then press "Next" and "Restart".

          Ready, this way, you can fix the update error 0x800f0986 from Windows Update in a few steps and in a simple way.

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