How to fix "USB device detected over current" problem

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Computers are technological gadgets that humans depend on on a daily basis. This is evidenced by the fact that there are a large number of daily processes that we leave to the confidentiality of computers. This means that if these don't work or aren't available, the our lifestyle suffers.

If your computer has started giving errors, you will realize how frustrating it is. Especially if it tells you that you have a problem with that you don't know how to solve. USBs are important connectors for computers, because in these you can learn how to save information from your PC through the memories. If you have a surge in these, we'll teach you the things you can do to fix it.

    What is a USB port?

    USB ports are terminals where they communicate various types of technologies that help the computer carry out all the daily activities it does for us. For example, many people have learned to install programs on their USB flash drives to save disk space.

    The speeds at which they transfer information can vary widely, as USB cables can have that bandwidth va da 1,5 bit a 10.000 bit.

    The acronym USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, this is because the equipment always classifies all inputs peripheral as Bus inputs , as these cables have large heads and are very easy to recognize. This cable cannot be connected to a telephone, or at least not in the traditional way. That is why many people are always learning to connect a USB memory to an Android mobile.

    It is important that you know that this technology was developed in the 90s and its importance lies in the fact that they not only work to transmit information, but also serve to distribute electrical energy. This it is evident when you connect the mouse , because you can see how it turns on when it gets power from the USB.

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    When the USB receives more power than it needs, it can cause a serious computer problem, because in addition to compromise the door , compromises the peripherals connected to it.

    This is a very rare problem, as its causes are very specific and can be resolved quickly. The way this error message is shown to you is in the worst way, because it shows it to you when you turn on the equipment, and shows you a bill to the reverses as if something was about to explode.

    To your relief, nothing will explode or explode . It will only show you this news and after the countdown, the PC will try to power up normally. However, you have to take into account that this overloaded USB may not work, so you need to know how to know if the USB is working fine in Windows.

    This problem can be caused by two reasons, the first being that the motherboard is not configured correctly and may be sending more current than necessary to a port. However, the other reason this could happen is that the motherboard battery is overloaded and must be replaced.

    How can I fix the "USB device detected over current" problem?

    This is very simple and no matter what the cause is, the solution is always very quick as you don't need to be an expert to fix a USB port. Is very important unplug the PC from the wall.

    First of all, you need to know exactly which USB port is causing the problems. Sometimes, if you let this problem go, you will find that the port is not working because it does not detect if you connect a peripheral. In case all are detected, you will have to open the computer and access the motherboard.

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    Once there, you will need to locate two things, the location of the lithium battery that is placed on the board and the cables that are connected directly to the ports. Since your computer does not boot until the USB is disconnected, you should try them all until you find the damaged one and when it is disconnected you will realize that the your PC may boot normally.

    Reasons for the "USB device over current detected" error

    One of the reasons why this error can occur in our device is because it is possible that more current than necessary reaches the USB ports . This causes a power overload and generates this error which has become so recurring and annoying.

    Causes for which it appears

    Most likely, this problem occurs because the battery on the motherboard is low. It is for this reason that our device must be constantly maintained. To avoid serious damage to our equipment in one way or another. Always remember that a team in optimal functioning generates good results. And so you will allow this to be your accomplice in carrying out any necessary tasks.

    How and why to change my PC motherboard battery

    First of all, it is necessary to remove the cover of our PC removing the screws it contains. The next step is to locate the battery on our motherboard. We can usually observe with the naked eye near the extractor. But if not, you can check your PC's instruction manual for better directions.

    On the first pages of the manual you will usually find a diagram explaining their position. An important recommendation is not to touch the pieces directly with your hands. Since we can discharge static electricity from our body and generate serious breakdowns in the device. It is better to work with metal clamps for added safety.

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    Next we have to discharge static electricity. To remove the battery it is necessary to press the metal clip that composes it with tweezers. To change it we perform the same procedure. We install the new battery and press the clips to hold it in place.

    Browse and change my computer's USB ports - How to do it

    The first thing we need to show it is the sound when we connect a device to our PC . This is one way to see if the USB ports aren't working. To do this we need to click on my computer, then on Device Manager. If there is a problem here, a warning will appear on this panel.

    In this case we have to alone uninstall all devices that we have already installed. And install them again a few minutes later. As for changing doors, it is advisable to take our equipment to a technician as this could lead to lethal consequences if we don't do it right.

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