How to fix Windows Defender service has stopped error? - Step by step

Windows software in its different versions has a built-in antivirus that protects the state of the computer from any harmful elements. Sometimes the Windows Defender process can stop. This error can damage the integrity of your data and operating system. Learn how to fix Windows Defender Service has stopped error.

Don't worry, it's something as simple as, say, blocking Windows 10 automatic updates, so it sure as hell isn't anything to write home about.

Windows Defender is a tool that goes beyond a common antivirus. In addition to protecting the computer from Malware, trackers and different types of harmful files, it regulates network parameters, Internet connections and the transfer of data from external applications to our computer. As well as preventing any problem in the system.

      Why does Windows Defender stop?

      The process that runs Windows Defender can be interrupted by various factors. The causes of this error can be very varied, a system error or an update failure can be common. If your computer suddenly shuts down, error files, such as Windows Defender, may be generated in some processes.

      This error can also be generated by overloading the computer capacity. When it crashes, some processes may crash, these could include Windows Defender .

      It allows you to use another antivirus alongside Windows Defender in Windows 10. However, some anti-malware tools may conflict with Windows Defender causing its processes to fail and crash.

      Likewise, resolving the Windows Defender Service has stopped error is not very difficult. It is very important not to disable this tool, even if you have another antivirus. Because Windows Defender offers other services besides antivirus protection. This tool needs to be maintained, cared for and updated.

      What to do to fix Windows Defender service has stopped error?

      Before I try anything to fix this, I have to go through a series of more complex steps. It is recommended to start restarting the computer . This will fix the error if it's a simple configuration issue and there's nothing directly interfering with running it.

      Sometimes it will also be necessary to limit the CPU usage of Windows Defender in Windows 10 to optimize the process in question and handle it properly.

      If it is caused by an external antivirus

      It is possible that when you install another security tool, it is in conflict. To check if such a program is the cause of the error, you have to proceed to disable it and then check if the Windows Defender process is working normally. If it works with the antivirus turned off, then you need to reinstall the program or change your security software .

      If the services are disabled

      Services directly related to Windows Defender are likely to be disabled and remain disabled until manually enabled.

      To proceed with the verification of the services it is necessary to press the " Windows ” plus “ key R ” so that the window “ run ” . In the bar of this window you need to enter the following command “ services.msc ".

      After opening the window " Skills ”, look for the following titles: “ Antivirus ", “Security Center "," Threat Protection "and " Antivirus network inspection ".

      Since each of the services is located, it must be checked whether it is running and what startup mode it has. If one of these is not running, you need to change the boot mode to activate it manually.

      When each service is enabled, the Windows Defender service has stopped error should be fixed. Without a doubt, this is a solution that is often effective. So you shouldn't put it aside and start trying it.

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