How to format a Word document with a binding margin

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Margins are one aspect essential when working with Microsoft Word. It is thanks to them that we determine how we want to adapt the document so that it is presented. For example, format a Word document with a binding margin.

Word has options that give different variations in choosing the type of margin, from those already predetermined by default to the more customized ones (editing or adjusting the margins in a document is extremely simple).

    Steps to format a Word document with a binding margin

    In addition, there are binding margins, useful for projects related to a book or magazine. First start Word and write any type of text as a filler, this will serve as a guide to visualize the final result of the margins.

    In the toolbar, place the cursor on the option "Layout in the page ". This action will display a series of options when clicking" Edges This action will show at a glance a menu describing the characteristics of the margins, with the latest custom configuration in terms of measurements and layout in the first place.

    At the end of the menu, place the cursor on the option " Custom margins "and log in with a click. In the box labeled" Set page ", you have to write the new values ​​you want to establish for the margins of the document.

    It is then possible to designate a specific size for a new margin, the binding margin, which has its own box; however, any added value will be added to the left margin when printing on one side of the paper only.

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    Otherwise, when printing on both " sides ”Of the same sheet, the excess added in the binding margin will be added to the right margin as the final result.

    To correct this discrepancy, it is essential to locate the section " Pages "in the same box "Configure pages" and in the option " More pages "click on the drop-down bar, immediately switching from" Normal " a " Symmetrical margins "(This program is so customizable that you can even print a full sheet image in Word with no borders or margins.)

    At this point, formatting a Word document with binding margin will be almost complete. With symmetrical margins, the printing will be exact and you won't have to worry about oversizing the document.

    Any small changes made may prevail in the future (not just those that allow you to modify or change the margins), as long as you save the process just performed. How to do it? Easy! If you read a little further down in the same box "Configure page ", you will find the button" Set as default " which with one click will be enough to activate.

    Since Word is very cautious in every action you take, it will ask you if you really want to set those settings as the default from now on for future documents. To which clearly, you will press " Yes "with the cursor.

    The final step in determining if you've managed to do a good setup is to schedule your document to print. Remember that formatting a Word document with a binding margin causes the file to be " b "to delimit a narrower print area.

    First make sure that the margins are what you have already set. Go to the print menu and simply clicking on the option "Custom Margins" will show all the previously formulated settings. Awards " print "and wait for the results. If this is not what you expected, it is because the printer you are using works according to the margins assigned at the factory and will not allow you to operate correctly outside of them.

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    In this particular case, the only variable is to look at the printer in the option "Printer Properties" . According to the model of the same, correct what is strictly right to finalize a good impression (or print in black and white or put tighter margins). Certain! If none of the above occurs, it is because ... Congratulations! You have your document with custom margins successfully.

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