How to format or format tables with Adobe InDesign cc - Quick and easy

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Design is involved in almost all sectors. The main potential of this is to transform ideas into highly attractive visualizations, optimizing and positioning the work of many people who in one way or another devote themselves to the different branches of design.

Adobe InDesing was born from the need for promote digital typography in a different way . Offering tools that facilitate the work of designers and helping them to create amazing projects.

The innovation of the tools available to this wonderful program increases the creative potential of its users by enabling them to design, modify and publish their creations without any difficulty .

What can I create with Adobe InDesing?

This application offers its users the ability to make amazing typographic and multimedia creations such as mockups of web pages, interactive PDFs, books, digital book and magazine covers, interactive buttons, amazing flayers and much more.

Its simple, intuitive and versatile interface offers a unique experience to its users, enhancing their creative freedom and raising design standards. InDesing is definitely the tool of choice for layout designers.

Tables in Adobe InDesing

If you need to sort multiple items like charts or data by placing them in one format, a smart alternative would be to add and create summaries in the project . Creating a table in the InDesing program is a really simple process, for this you have to:

  1. Open the document in InDesing where you want to insert a table.
  • Find the text tool, marked with a "T", located on the left side of the panel and position yourself in the part of the document where you want to place the table.
  • Once placed, go to the file "Table" located at the top of the panel.
  • An option menu will appear where you need to select "Insert Table"
  • After that, a window will appear in which you need to specify the number of rows and columns you want the table to create to contain.
  • In case the content to be inserted continues in more than one column, you need to specify the number of header rows in which you want the information to be repeated.
  • To finish, press "Ok". This way you will have already gone through the process of creating your table which will occupy the width of the text box.
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    Once you have added the table to your project, you will be able to configure the size of the rows and columns by choosing the "cell options" option located in the Table file. However, you can also do this manually by placing the cursor on the border of the row or column you want to change.

    Apply formats to your tables

    By making use of the table toolbar, located at the top of the panel once positioned in the table and selecting it.

    This tool allows us to create styles of tables and cells from adding or deleting rows and columns, changing the height and width of columns and rows , so that they are uniform, as well as align the text and change the orientation of the table. To make the dockable table panel visible, you will need to:

    1. Click on the window file located at the top of the panel.
    2. A menu of options will appear and select "text and window".
    3. Then a submenu of options will appear. Select the "Tables" option.

    This will open the table panel and be placed in the lower right part of the project. In addition to the actions selected above, you will be able to customize size changing the color and adding margins to the table, thus allowing to separate the content within the table from its edges.

    Customize the font style of the tables

    from toolbar of the table, you can change the font style by applying color shades to the text contained in the table. For these options to be visible, the table must be selected.

    Within this same toolbar you will have the option to adjust the text size , add or remove indents, or choose bold and italics.

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