How to free up internal space on Android without deleting anything

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As free up space on my android phone is a question we have never asked ourselves, when we have saved information on our mobile and suddenly the message of insufficient space appears, it is when we act because we need to enter information.

The internal memory of an Android mobile phone depends on the model, it may be large and sufficient that it can never be filled, or you may have little space and need to store more information. If your case is the second and you don't want to delete anything , Keep reading.

Things to keep in mind before freeing up space on Android

When we constantly save any type of information on our mobile phone, be it photos, videos, documents and other files, the most logical thing is that storage runs out and we cannot enter further information.

Freeing up internal storage on an Android mobile but so as not to delete what we already have is not complicated, but we must bear in mind that the process is not as simple as deleting the information you already have.

In this sense, you can apply something like this in terms of Android and iOS to remove space from the mobile without deleting anything, and that is to put the information in a cloud storage on the network. This is simple and to do it you should find out which ones are the best.

You can choose which ones they offer added security if you are suspicious and the information you want to get from the internal storage is very important, or you can also opt for a storage cloud with sufficient storage capacity.

Depending on amount of occupied space you have , you need to choose the cloud that's right for you. But that's not the only option, and you can also choose to clear your phone's cache, which probably contains a lot of "junk". And so there are other ways, simpler and through applications.

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Simple ways to free up space on your Android phone

Remove unused apps

We have all the apps installed that after a while we leave it forgotten on our phone, taking one important space in the phone memory. To remove these apps, you just have to go to "settings", then search for "applications" and press uninstall.

Delete photos or videos

As mentioned above, you can delete the information that DON'T you think needed in the future. Make sure you remove duplicate images or videos that are sometimes created by other applications.

Check your message history

Many times we leave long and old conversations in our SMS inbox or other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, and perhaps we no longer need to keep them there. Therefore, the elimination of these messages would be a contribution to free up internal memory

Review your download folders

This is a good option because usually, when we browse the phone and open a file, it is stored in the downloads folder. Eventually, the files accumulate little by little without realizing it. Try to review and delete the ones you don't think most needed .

Clear the app cache

The cache is another section that you do fills easily and without realizing it every time we use the application. To delete, you just have to go to the "settings" section, then to "applications", choose the one you prefer and click "clear cache".

What other ways to free up internal storage on Android are there?

If we talk about free up internal storage space on a mobile phone , the simplest thing is to delete all the information you already have. But as it was originally said, you can free up space on your Android without deleting anything. And we have explained the most common way to do it.

But if you have unnecessary information, besides what you want to keep, and thus free up space of internal storage on Android , you can apply both processes: delete unnecessary information (this as a recommendation) and on the other save in the cloud what you actually need.

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We are not asking you to delete, for example, the entire photo gallery of your Android phone , but if you want to do it, keep in mind that the process is easier than if it were an iPhone.

In this sense, you can then delete the information you really know you won't need in the future and free up space on your Android phone using the Google Photos application.

In any case, the important thing is to free information in order to have space and store new information, this one you really need.

There are applications that can help us do our jobs more efficient and include other sections for make free space on our Android. Among them, we present the following.

Google files

This app alerts you when you have files unwanted in so that they are deleted quickly and therefore have more space available. Plus, it gives you the option to create one backup copy of the your files in the cloud, which protects and frees up space at the same time.

Also, it searches and examines files that are taking up too much space and shows information from apps like Telegram and WhatsApp , so that they are eliminated in case you don't need them.

CCleaner: toolbox

It is an application that allows you to analyze the system state, delete unwanted files and analyze the storage space. Thus improving the system speed .

You can download this app at Google Play .

SD Maid: simple interface

It is characterized by its utilization very simple and intuitive . Among the options offered is a system cleaner, an application manager, a file browser, among others.

You can also get it via Google Play . It is free to use, however a paid version is required to use all of its features.

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Tricks to optimize your Android and free up storage space

Some tricks that we can apply to complete the freeing of space in our Android are:

Download the lite version of other apps e Go from Google . These are designed to take up less storage space but still enjoy the features they offer.

You can change the settings of your WhatsApp so that the photos DON'T are archived automatically. To do this you need to open the WhatsApp settings, go to the chat section and disable the option Multimedia visibility .

Finally, some Android have a trash can, we must be aware of permanently deleting the files that are there to complete freeing up space.

Why is it difficult to free up internal storage?

Well, there is not really need to complicate things . What you need to do is be very careful when selecting information to free up space, as well as focus and know in which place or folder, be it a cloud or a device, so you know where to go if you need it again.

That's right, you can also use another device as a storage medium, we're talking about a computer, or else a simple microSD card where the information you want to save fits; this way you can also free up internal storage space without deleting anything.

And it's really necessary to free up that space, especially since if you are someone who doesn't need to see all the photos in your gallery every day, or review any documents you have archived , it is best that you keep your information somewhere other than your mobile.

By itself, the process of freeing up space from internal memory it's not complicated , only the tools described above are needed, in addition to writing or recording the place or folder it stores.

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