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The quick response codes or the famous QR Codes contain information encoded in a design of dots and squares that cannot be read at all times, an application is required which, with its similar language, identifies the information and displays it. Very similar to what were the barcodes in supermarket products, which when scanned gave information on the type of product.

In this case, QR codes redirect us to one web page in based on the information encoded in it.

And as far as social networks go, Telegram has positioned itself as one of the most popular due to its ability to migrate the data to the pc and be able to get them from there, and this is possible via a QR code.

    What are the functions of QR Codes in Telegram?

    Telegram, like other social networks, has its own desktop application so that you can access the program's functions as if you were on your mobile, with many settings other than Facebook, WhatsApp or Skype, and that's what it does. .

    Over the past year, its desktop version or the web version does not need SMS confirmation to access the session. And this is because it has integrated the Qr code to log in.


    The long and complicated process for access the Telegram site, and in many cases there was no telephone signal available and it was impossible for you to log in without the code. So, to eliminate these hassles to users, the QR code for access was released.

    Likewise, you will need to have your own phone, but the easier way you can send your chat screen to your computer.

      Note: If you have XNUMX-Step Verification turned on, you need to enter your password

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      Join groups

      From telegram 7.5 update onwards, the administration of public groups has been changed, to be able to send invitations via QR codes, as a group admin or with the necessary permissions, in order to avoid wasting time in the long and tedious process. You must only:

        What are the requirements for using them?

        In addition to having the most recent version of Telegram updated, to use a QR code you must have a mobile device that works for your camera to be able to scan it, or download an application that allows you to scan the code from a screenshot to get a link.

        What are the advantages of implementing QR for a Telegram channel?

        As already said, the QR code is like a barcode , but square and 2D so it is easier to spread and reach more people, an image is easier to reach thousands of people than other methods as it arouses interest and your information is faster to get.

        Greater Diffusion

        In a commercial channel, dissemination is something very important, since the more people access it, the greater the receptivity your company will have, or the greater the scope of the information you want to share. That's why a QR code it's easier to incorporate into a flyer, poster, or any marketing image when it comes to getting it out there.

        Since the person will only have to take the image and send it to an app that detects the QR code and redirects you to enter the Telegram channel in this case.

        Ease of adhesion

        Joining a channel or group using the conventional method of alphanumeric code, or sending the request and waiting for the administrator to accept it to enter, was really annoying, and many people in order not to take more time do not subscribe to the Telegram channels .

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        But nowadays most of the smartphones have an application integrated with Google Lens which allows them to scan and view information from a QR, so it's easier to find the code, scan it, and you can instantly wreak havoc within the group. .

        More members

        With the QR you can control who subscribes to your group, since you can set the expiry of the validity of the code , as well as the number of people who can join through it, and cancel and renew it whenever you want. So, if you are interested in having a lot more members within your channel, you will reach it with this tool.

        The best sites to generate invitation QRs

        There are several platforms that can help you generate code so you can share quickly information . For example:

        It is a page that you can open from your browser to generate a QR code simply by entering the address you go to, and the size of the file, takes care of the rest.


        An application website very complete since it allows you to choose the type of file you will convert to Qr, such as go, text, email, phone number, location, Facebook, wifi, events among others.

        In addition, it allows you to customize the code design with the colors of your choice.

        If you need to promote a product such as a perfume, or send an invitation link to an event, with you can include any item to link and customize the QR code to make it more attractive.

        Likewise, you can enter any type of link di invitation , add color to the QR code, change its size and especially allows you to change the squares for the rounds of the QR image.

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