How to get audio from TV through headphones or headphones without having a mini jack output

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Since the advent of TV, our lives have changed; We started to inform ourselves, a have fun and spending more and more time watching television. It has become an indispensable tool for our lives.

Since then, TV has evolved, from the content we see to the way we see it, the quality with which it is produced is getting better and better. In this way we can say that the TV has evolved over the years, we currently have smart TVs, so people try to convert old TVs to Smart TVs.

How to get audio from TV through headphones or headphones without having a mini jack output

Today we have televisions capable of interact with us smoothly. In addition to providing us with tools that make the time we spend on TV much more enjoyable, such as the ability to use an Android mobile phone as a remote control for Smart TV and connect consoles such as Wii to the Smart TV.

How to get audio from TV through headphones or earphones without having a mini Jack output?

Modern televisions are equipped with a very advanced technology , mainly in terms of resolution and image quality , even with software that can be updated. Now TVs are produced with larger screens, which give us a sharp and clear picture.

This, while very important to us, comes with a disadvantage, this is that manufacturers, being so focused on providing excellent image quality, have overlooked the quality of sound offered by their televisions.

Therefore, it is often necessary adapt speakers or an audio system to avoid this inconvenience. Many TV manufacturers even recommend adapting independent sound systems to improve sound quality.

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In this way it is common that we want to adapt audio systems to our televisions . Usually this is done using the mini Jack cable but some TVs don't have this audio output, or maybe our speakers don't have this input.

If this is our case we need to find another way by which we can replace the mini Jack cable. To our advantage there are several methods , which we can use to get audio from our televisions and then be able to connect it to an independent sound system.

In this article we will learn what these methods are and each of the steps we need to follow to be able to get audio from the TV via headphones or earphones without having a mini Jack output.

How to get audio from TV through auxiliary ports?

In general, all televisions have auxiliary outputs that allow you to amplify the sound. By simply connecting a few RCA cables to the corresponding outputs, identified with colors.

We connect the others end of the RCA cable to the audio inputs of our audio system. Ready in this way we will have removed the sound from our TV. In case our TV does not have RCA outputs, we will try the following method.

How to output the audio from the TV using the optical input cable?

The first thing is verify that our TV has this output and that your sound system has this input, as not all devices have these ports. The only drawback this presents is that we have to control the TV and sound system separately.

Extract the sound from our televisions through the optical input cable greatly improves the sound compared to RCA cables. In case you don't have this audio output we have another method.

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How to play TV audio through HDMI ARC port?

First, it must be understood that not all ports are compatible with this method, only the ports identified as ARC are the ones that allow audio output. To carry out this process we just need to get a good quality HDMI cable and connect it to the ports.

Some TVs recognize automatically that this port is in use, but in some cases it is necessary to enable it from the audio configuration menu of our TV.

How to get audio from TV via BLUETOOTH?

The first thing to check is that our TVs and headphones are compatible with this method. That said, let's go to ours audio system or headphones and we put it in mode detectable .

Next, let's go to our TV and access the settings Bluetooth so specific and select our sound system or headphones. If we apply these techniques we will be able to successfully get audio from our TV.

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