How to get eggs in Pokemon Go Can you choose an egg?

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For many people, Pokémon Go has meant a return to a very important childhood tradition for fans of the classic Nintendo franchise. This is the capture of all the beasts that are part of the game, which correspond to the 151 original Pokémon from the Red and Green games, which were found in the Kanto region. But for them you have to look for eggs in Pokemon Go. If you are very new to the subject, you can start your experience by creating a free account in Pokémon Go.

These games over the years began to receive many more new deliveries, which would add a large variety of Pokémon exclusive to each video game region. If you want to learn how to complete it and know which pokémon will hatch , we have your solution. To run this tutorial, you will need to update the Pokémon Go application to its latest version.

    What is the Pokédex? How can it be filled?

    A way in which the developers of the pokémon games have introduced a system in which they have incentivized the players to look for all the beasts that make up the world it is the incorporation of a special system in which the player must register all the pokémon he finds.

    This is done in two ways, from the quick check that occurs when you encounter the pokémon in the wild. In this method, the pokédex can only capture some basic information about the pokémon, such as the name and spawn area. If you acquire them, all data is saved.

    One of the main difficulties of the game is that to catch pokémon is need to go to a specific place . For example, if you open the App and see a Pokémon on the screen, you must physically approach the environment in which the Pokémon's coordinates are located to activate the encounter.

    One problem that many people have is that there are Pokémon exclusive to certain regions, so how do you get the 151 Pokémon in the Pokédex? The answer is easy, ed it is through the eggs.

    Types of eggs in Pokémon Go: what are they and how to get them?

    Eggs in Pokémon Go are containers where you can find Pokémon and hunting . These eggs are classified into different categories and each of them can give you a different Pokémon. However, these eggs are not easily obtainable as you have to walk and find the poképaradas.

    These can vary in their type based on the length you need to travel to open them. You see, in the game, you have an incubator that takes care of the eggs, but it only works when you have the app open and you are really walking. To get them you just have to flip the poképarada until you get one.

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    Weird Eggs are one of the many types of Pokemon Go Eggs you can get. These eggs are strange because inside them contain less common Pokémon in this world. In this sense they are also very strange because they are hard to find.

    Friends gift eggs

    The gift eggs are the eggs that you can get and gift to one of your friends. Likewise, you can get one of these eggs from a friend. These types of eggs are just for this function, you can't take one and use it, you have to give it away.

    Synchro Eggs Adventure

    Eggs in Pokemon Go can also be obtained via the Adventure Sync mode. These are weekly rewards in to which you are assigned eggs from 5 or 10 kilometers.

    Poké stops or gyms

    The poképaradas or gyms are the places where you can get the eggs that contain the pokemon. In these places you can also train the avatars you get.

    This is very easy. Like video games, Nintendo has set special points called PokéStops at certain coordinates. These are found all over the world and you will most likely get one less than a block from your home.

    This was done to ensure that players could interact with the game wherever they were . However, it is important that your phone is capable of running the game as such. For this, you have to make sure that the minimum requirements of Pokémon Go are met.

    One thing you can do in poképaradas, besides heal your Pokémon if you've used them in combat, is to get items. These can have various functions, but the main ones you get are rare candies and pokeballs. If you are away from home, there are some tricks that help you, like saving battery and data when playing Pokémon Go, because many times you will drain the battery faster than you expect.

    How to get Pokémon Go eggs easily

    As mentioned above, to get these containers or eggs, you have to walk and quite a bit. Since any kind of egg requires that you have traveled a certain distance to be able to take and open them. These eggs are found in the so-called poképaradas, even receiving a gift or defeating a squad leader.

    Note that you cannot cheat to get these eggs. So long as the application detects if the person is walking and how far it has traveled. Therefore, driving in a car does not work as the application knows that you are moving faster than when you are walking.

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    You cannot choose which pokemon will hatch from each egg , as this is a random event generated by the game. However, the eggs have 3 different distances which distinguish the rarity of the Pokémon that are about to hatch. If it's 2 KM, it's most likely a poke like Charmander or Pikachu. If it's 5KM, expect a Ponyta or Abra, which are less common poké.

    From 2km

    Two kilometer eggs, as their name indicates, require you to have traveled two kilometers. Inside these eggs you can find Pokemon like Wooper, Spoink, Wailmer or Cubone. Similarly you can have Magikarp, Meditite, Treecko and Torchic. They are all of the common class and the ones who get the most in poképaradas. I am recognized for being green.

    5 km

    If you have managed to travel at least five kilometers, you can unlock and open another type of egg. Here you will find Pokémon that are a bit stronger and more powerful for battles. They are identified by the orange color

    In these Pokemon Go eggs you will find Drowzee, Voltorb, Fennekin, Chespin, Gothita or Ralts. Likewise, these eggs also contain Eevee, Roggenrola, Clamperl, Feebas Solosis, and Blitzle

    7 km

    The 7 kilometer eggs are unlocked when the person looking for the Pokemon Go eggs has traveled this distance. However, these types of eggs are not available for use in poképaradas, but are for exchanges with friends you have in the application. Its color is yellow with pink spots.

    So that eggs can be shared with friends , both must have covered the 7 km. In this class of eggs are Cleffa, Igglybuff, Spritzee or Swirlix. If you've never received Eevee or Azurill (shiny) you can get them with these eggs too.

    10 or more km

    When you've already covered 10 kilometers, the eggs you get start to get more interesting. Since you can get the strangest pokémon that exist.
    Among them we can get Timburr, Nincada, Emolga, Golett or Darumaka. Also others a little more rare such as Alomomola, Audino, Espurr and Noibat. These eggs are purple

    You can finally get eggs from 12 km , these are achieved by beating an opponent who is the leader of a team. But not just any team has to be a leader of Arlo, Cliff, Team Go Rocket, or Sierra. Later you have to walk the 12km to make them hatch.

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    They are the strangest eggs and those that carry the rarest Pokémon as they contain Vullaby Scraggy, Skorupi, Pancham or Absol. You can also have Larvitar, Pawniard, Qwilfish, and Sandile. The eggs of this class are red.

    How and where to find egg incubators in Pokémon Go

    You can find the unlimited incubator from the moment you start playing in the inventory of your user. This you can use as many times as you want. The standard can be obtained through a purchase worth 150 pokémonedas, it only allows three uses and you can find it in the official game store.

    The super incubator yes located also in this shop and is worth 200 pokémoneda, has a speed 1,5 times faster than the previous ones.

    Methods to incubate eggs without walking with Pokémon Go

    The form of incubation is to have the Pokémon Go app while walking. You can't get in the car and cheat. However, there are some tricks you can use to get your application to go through this process.

    Use iMyFone AnyTo

    This application is a simulator , through it you can induce the application to hatch the eggs. Pokemon Go eggs can hatch in this app if you change your GPS location. This way, the app will think that you have moved. You can also simulate motion by creating routes and adjusting the speedometer.

    Buy incubators

    Buying more incubators means you can put a lot more eggs. So you can get them out faster and thus have them in no time. However you must shell out money to buy them.

    Use the turntable

    You can turn your phone on a turntable to trick the app. The circular motion of this device works for the pedometer and in this way the eggs are incubated and there is no movement.

    Use Roomba

    These cleaning devices also serve to fool the app and hatch eggs in Pokemon Go. You just have to leave your phone in one of these devices and the movement they make works for the pedometer.

    Assemble a bike or scooter

    You can ride a bike or skateboard and move around to hatch the eggs. However, you have to go slowly and less than 11 kilometers per hour for the application to detect the steps. This way, you are not walking and you are incubating.

    Exchange codes

    By trading with the egg code or friends you can make hatching easier. This way you will have easily hatched eggs.

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