How to get or recover the unique key password with the RUT

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The RUT seeks to advance ease of identification along with technology. This document contains basic owner information. If forgetting your password gives you a headache, today you will learn: How to recover the password of the unique key with the RUT.

One of the main objectives of this document is to endorse economic activity and its importance in determining what citizens do in front of different government bodies. This system is totally reliable and safe allows for the simplification of procedures.

    You must keep in mind that if you want to start the process of your RUT, this is a unique password that is assigned in a personalized way since with it you can access other certificates and services of the institutions public, so the requirements in general are always the same. And here we leave you each of them, to do it in person or your procedure online

    You must have a good internet connection to the computer you are about to perform this procedure

    • Enter the address:
    • Click the "Unique Key" section
    • Check the blue box for "Start procedure"
    • Fill in the boxes with the required information such as: RUN, document or serial number, email and telephone number
    • Select the day and time you want to join a video conference

    To connect you must check your email that you entered, to receive the confirmation email, from which you can access the day and time you have selected. Don't forget to have your identity cell handy

    • Go to the nearest office
    • Ask an official to help you initiate the Unique Code process
    • The officer must give you an activation code
    • Enter the portal:
    • Enter your RUN and activation code
    • Accept terms and conditions> Continue
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    Note that if you perform this step online on a daily basis , 6.500 available appointments will be granted , so you should complete the procedure as soon as possible, to do it follow the steps:

    • Access the website: from your computer
    • Click on 'Start procedure'
    • Enter the information they ask you to complete your request: RUN, Document number, email and mobile number
    • Select the date and time you wish to join the videoconference to be held for you
    • Please check your inbox, one hour before your appointment, to log in via the link provided
    • After the videoconference, you will receive the activation code on your email
    • Log in to and get your unique password in minutes

    Have you lost your unique password and want to recover it from your home? You have reached the ideal place here you will find the solution in a few simple steps.

    First you need to go to the unique key website and check the "Retrieve your unique key" box. In that tab add your RUT number and solve the Captcha located at the bottom of the screen.

    To fix it you just have to do click on the 'I'm not a robot' option and voila, problem solved. Now that you have completed the above steps, you need to hit the 'Recover by Email' option.

    A few seconds later, a code should arrive in your email, which you need to copy and enter the message and click on the 'Recover unique password' option.

    Once you open this new tab, this option will redirect you to the website. Paste the code and type your RUT again, and it's time to recover your password. Remember that you need to verify your personal data and save the changes. You now have a new password!

    What is the RUT?

    This is the unique tax register or tax certificate, designed mainly to identify the merchant population of the country. It is made up of identification, location, classification, responsibilities.

    And this is where we want underline why in this 'Responsibility' section where the attributes of the taxpayer are indicated. It should be noted that this is clearly related to the economic activities carried out by the population.

    In summary, this mechanism was created by DIAN , once this document has been obtained, this same body assigns the user a tax code.

    One of the most common sanctions in the sanction is the failure to register with the RUT . The company or natural person who does not have such registration will receive a penalty for closing the establishment of one day for each month of delay in registration.

    What if I don't have a company or factory? Here the thing appears a little more serious and is that according to article 658 of the tax law the penalty can be 1 Tax Unit for each day of delay.

    That's why to process your identification and avoid being sanctioned. Why one sanction implies having expenses that you may not have planned.

    Not only this, but other penalties can come to your life for not having it, such as a penalty for not showing the RUT. This is based on 10 tax units. For this reason we recommend that you keep your RUT in a highly visible place so that it can be easily identified.

    There is another penalty for not updating the corresponding RUT within the month following the event in which it was generated. This will impose a payment of 1 UT for each day of delay. When the problem lies in not having updated the address the company, the fine will be 2 UT.

    This document is essential when performing any procedure such as buying or selling real estate and real estate. Because this sale will generate a tax for the state. This is why it is essential to have it at our disposal.

    In addition to avoiding fines, it allows us to calculate the taxes generated by our properties and companies, guiding us directly from the tax statute. Therefore, it is very important have tax information because not knowing them does not release us from our duties.

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