How to get or renew your digital driver's license online or online

There is currently a growing trend in the world to keep our documents, those of primary importance, such as the driver's license, but in digital format. For this same reason, here you will learn how obtain or renew your digital driver's license online or online .

Currently in Spain the DGT ( General Directorate of Transit ), provides users with a new mobile app to keep the documents of their vehicles and even their driving license always on their mobile device.

First step: you have to register in the system [email protected]

This would be the first step in the process that we need to follow for get our access to miDGT , this is the name given to the app that will allow us to have all our documents on our mobile device. There are several ways to register in the system [email protected] , eg:

Do it in person

For this you will go to the information and attention offices al citizen or even at the offices of the public employment service of the state, you will only need your activated and renewed DNI, the Spanish telephone number and your email, for this procedure you cannot send to third parties.

Through the internet, with the electronic certificate or DNI

  1. Enter the electronic office of the Revenue Agency.
  2. You will identify yourself with the electronic certificate or DNI.
  3. By entering the support number or the date of issue of this.
  4. Then they will ask us for our mobile number and an e-mail account.

Being registered on the [email protected] system is extremely useful with this we can have access to various types of procedures , within which we can see what infringements we have or how many points there are on our driving license.

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Second step: download the miDGT app

After completing the registration process to the [email protected] system, you can proceed to download the miDGT app, you must be registered before this step, since the [email protected] system is a secure identification platform for interact electronically and directly with the General Administration of the State .

The miDGT app can be obtained completely free of charge in the application stores we have, both for iOS and.

Last step: identify yourself

As soon as we have downloaded the miDGT app on our mobile device, it will ask us to identify ourselves with the [email protected] system

This will be necessary only for this occasion, so to access the app we will only have to register your fingerprint or pattern di safety of our mobile device. The available options and the various procedures will appear on the first screen:

  • Driving license on mobile phone.
  • Registration card and electronic data sheet, as well as consulting the main data of your vehicles such as BTI, insurance, environmental label, etc.
  • Check your points balance.
  • Consult and update your contact and address information.
  • Receive alerts and alerts.
  • Access relevant traffic and road safety news.

In these times when the digitization of everything is becoming more and more imminent, having these documents, which are of such legal and identifying importance, all collected in the palm of our hand on our mobile devices, represents a huge technological advance.

Although is however recommended to always carry the documents with you in physical form , as, at least in Spain, the authorities in their entirety have not been provided with the digital tools necessary for document verification.

Similarly, there are countries like Mexico, which have implemented this app system on mobile devices, for the easy processing and transport of these documents, the United States, Australia, among other countries that make up an increasingly long.

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Likewise, there are countries like Venezuela that continue to maintain these procedures in person and carry these documents completely physically.

Maybe in a few years we will bring all our documents to our mobile device digitally or stored in the storage clouds. In the meantime, we recommend that you contact the relevant institutions in each country to obtain a driver's license.

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