How to get or win diamonds in Free Fire What are they for?

Get or earn diamonds in Free Fire it is a difficult and expensive task, however owning most of the diamonds in this game is important to help you when you move in this world of adventure and improve your avatar to be the winner of the battle; but how do you earn diamonds?

How to get free diamonds easily in Free Fire

When you participate in a battle in the game of Garena, you will find that your opponents may have better weapons than yours and since you always want to be the last to die, survive the game and win the game, your avatar must be loaded with the best equipment and weapons available in the game, however to be a player with the best accessories you must have diamonds and use them.

    Diamonds in this game represent the payment system, so it is not easy to get them, the easiest way they can be obtained for your account is by buying them with real money, in this application there are many payment methods as well as many offers, promotions and diamond combos which can make you rich in the game.

    Free Fire offers its users several ways to buy or reload diamonds, and this is how the process of getting more coins within the game is commonly known, one of these ways is within the game itself through applications such as Google Play Store or Apple Store, in the same way you can make the purchase through the Pagostore application.

    Free Fire offers you basic offers of 100 diamonds at 1,09 euros, intermediate offers that give you 1060 diamonds for only 10,99 euros and many more expensive ones such as 5.600 diamonds at around 56,99 euros, also in this sense you can buy levels, in which you can get from 100 to 400 diamonds.

    Buy diamonds and what are they for?

    Another of the ways in which diamonds are obtained in Free fire is by buying the weekly cards that the game offers you or by paying subscriptions, through these actions you can buy more diamonds with less money.

    Since the offers are less expensive than those previously presented, for example a weekly VIP card from 7 days costs only 2,22 euros , while the 30-day weekly VIP cards cost around 8,99 euros.

    Finally, among the things you can buy are Diamond Royale Tickets, however these can be obtained alone in the Diamond Royale section which is very exclusive within this game, in the same way you can get them on some occasions as a reward in the events carried out, once you get the tickets, you can exchange them for boxes of diamonds.

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    Diamonds are used to upgrade your avatar buying exclusive skins and skins, in the same way you can buy weapons, equipment, pets, other characters and everything you need in the game with these useful tools and a very easy way to get them is that a friend i want to help you give you diamonds .

    What are diamonds for in Free Fire?

    All of us who are or have been users of video game platforms know that in most of them there are different types of coins , that is, tradable objects with which we can buy items from the same game. There are usually always free coins, which are earned simply by fulfilling certain game requirements, such as winning games, prizes, leveling up, etc. Or just by collecting them there.

    Instead, there are the famous and always sought-after paid or 'premium' coins, in this case i diamonds . This type of currency always stands out from common ones, as they allow access to all kinds of items that cannot be bought with a regular currency, so they tend to be much more special, powerful and rare items, therefore coveted by most of users.

    In Free Fire there are diamonds, as we have already said, but what can we buy with diamonds? The Free Fire catalog is extensive , in which we can find: Pets, weapons, Skins, cars, VIP passes, etc. It is important that you know how to spend your diamonds intelligently in Free Fire, as there will be all kinds of items available, some with limited use, some permanent.

    As you well know, you can spend your diamonds on all kinds of items, we highly recommend investing in characters with good characteristics, skins, pets and cars.

    Ways to earn free diamonds in Free Fire

    On the other hand, if you want to reload diamonds without spending money, that is, for free, you have the possibility to do several things, although we warn you that it is a process that will take time and you will not get a lot of diamonds at once, but that you will collect little. a little, first you can complete the missions that Free Fire adds , if you complete them, they'll give you a handful of diamonds for each.

    In the same way you can redeem the codes, these codes are gifts that on certain occasions the application offers to its users and can be exchanged from the official Garena page, these codes have 12 characters and you can not only use them to get diamonds, but any accessories you want.

    Level up and complete challenges

    As in any game, as you level up, completing missions and challenges, the game itself rewards you, a little by little, in some games even these rewards can come in the form of paid coins, like diamonds in this case.

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    Play in special events and complete missions

    There are all kinds of events and special occasions in video games, in many of them you can even get prizes for participating, without winning. In Free Fire , stand out events such as the Diamond Royale or the Burning Skull Box, etc. These events will allow you to access rewards in one way or another such as skins, characters, ranks, etc. And in some cases, you can even win diamonds.

    Report bug

    A "Bug" is an error within a platform , due to a spelling error, an error in the design or development of the game. Bugs cause us to fail in gameplay, world design, character design, etc. Have you ever seen those FIFA players collide and merge or when you can get inside the walls in GTA San Andreas.

    The purpose of this method of earning diamonds is that users who will be able to report the most unknown bugs to the system , they will be able to win good amounts of these, in fact, they could win up to 3000 diamonds.

    Redeem gift codes

    Gift codes are a good way to win prizes in Free Fire, through them we can get all kinds of prizes, such as characters, skins, cars, pets, weapons, coins, etc. We will very rarely be able to find the coveted diamonds in this type of code, but it will never hurt to have faith that it does.

    Receive a gift from a friend

    In many video games, you can also get great rewards through your friends, either through referral rewards, by inviting them to play, or by their choice. The Free Fire is no exception, but if a friend wants to give you some kind of diamond, they will need to purchase one of the gift packages to be able to send it to you.

    Other ways to get diamonds

    there different ways to get this type of diamonds , we have already told you a little about how to get them 'for free', but legally. But now there are other legal ways, to be able to get all the diamonds we want, and yes, that's right, buy them.

    The price of the diamond will vary depending on the country, but if we take an average of the price of these diamonds in dollars, we could say that for every 100 diamonds, they are worth approximately $ 1 , so from that moment on we can have an idea of ​​the value of both the diamonds and the objects we buy.

    Buy diamond packs

    There are different types of diamond packages, which we can purchase via Paypal or credit card. These packages range from 100 diamonds, through packages 310, 520, 1040 and 2048, all the way up to 5600, starting at around $ 1 for a package of 100 and nearly $ 50 for a package of 5600.

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    You can buy these packs as many times as you want, or well, as many times as you get, remember that the more you have, the more interesting options the game will offer you.

    Use an external app like Gamehag

    Gamhag is a page that allows you, totally free, to play all your favorite games, al order to get soul gems , which is a very useful virtual currency, which you can use later to buy other types of coins in games, and even exchange them for real money.

    You can use this currency to get your diamonds in Free Fire, you just have to play for these gems, then exchange it for a gift card in Google Play and therefore, being able to purchase diamonds in Free Fire, a fairly simple process to perform, the point is being able to play long enough to get the gems.

    Beware of hackers and scams

    As good netizens, your best bet will always be in legal ways, at all times, to stay away from piracy and the low world on the Internet, which includes, trying to obtain these kinds of currencies in dubious ways.

    It is well known that diamonds are highly coveted by the community of this game, not everyone has the resources to be able to obtain these gems, so for this reason they will try to get them elsewhere.

    There are platforms that assure you that they could give you these gems for free in exchange for certain data, but No! You don't have to fall into these traps, you should never give out personal information on the internet , to anyone, when you access unsafe sites, you will only expose your computer and information to possible malicious spam attacks.

    In addition to trading these "cheaper" gems in places with proven ones, you run the risk that the other party can scam you. That is why you should stick to all regular routes and thus avoid this type of scam.

    Finally, there are applications that do not belong to the game which, as people try to acquire more diamonds, offer the possibility of getting free cards in exchange for different tasks, these tasks can cost a lot of time but it is legal way to get more coins. The applications that offer this possibility are Gamehag o Google Opinion Rewards.

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