How to get out of recovery mode when you get android system recovery

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The Android operating system has some capabilities and functions that are usually useful when the device has stopped working optimally or in a way that we try to access the system directly and also to manipulate the internal functions of the device , many times We fall into Android recovery without knowing how and even can't get out of it, in this article we will explain what Android Recovery is and how to get out of it.

What is Android Recovery Mode?

Like any computer or cell phone operating system, they have way to access the direct programming of the mobile phone, that is to the system BIOS, which is basically the pure section of a system where we find options and functions to program or modify The accessibility options of our Android device can sometimes get complex, but it is usually simpler than it looks.

The recovery mode gets activated and starts when android system crashes, i.e. when an internal file of the mobile phone is not working or a file is missing that does not allow the mobile phone to function as it should work, this as a system warning measure or even to boot into safe mode as a method to reset the mobile phone, delete or delete some settings.

This mode it is stored in a different partition from our cell phone system in this way it protects the configuration and the location of important files, however something that the recovery mode has is that it is rather poor in terms of manipulation options, we can find options for formatting or clearing the cache and also restoring configurations and system settings such as.

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How to enter recovery mode and how to get out of it?

Like a computer, our mobile phone has commands that unlock or activate the system features, this may vary depending on some brands or manufacturers of mobile phones but it has a standard to activate these functions, normally they are with the buttons of our mobile phone but it can also be accessed from the same software.

To access the recovery, restart the mobile and when there is nothing to boot, press and hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time, some Samsung models vary this, so that the system recognizes the command and I send you when resetting our android, once inside it you will have a number of options that you can see ranging from options for clean system to change android modes .

You have to be careful about do not press anything by mistake within the recovery mode, the touch is disabled so the way to move and press is through the buttons of the mobile phone, that is the power button and the volume buttons that go to raise and lower the selection of our settings.

We can restart the mobile from the factory if we have a virus on our device that is sabotaging the main functions of our Android device and we cannot delete it, or if we want to clean it and have it as if it has never been used, these are some of the main functions that the recovery mode provides.

We shouldn't start disabling or cleaning sections of the cell phone that we don't know about this way because we can damage the operating system and leave it in a dead in state which we will not be able to go back because we will have damaged the mother system of Android and the only solution would be to modify the recovery via a computer connected to a USB but this is more complicated than it seems.

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The easiest way to exit recovery mode is to leave it without pressing anything for a couple of minutes and the phone will restart without automatically starting the mode, however within the reset we can locate exit in one of the options, we move with the volume buttons as explained above and then select exit with the on and off button.

If the mobile keeps going into recovery mode repeatedly and constantly, it may be because the BIOS is faulty or there is a virus sabotaging the system, it is advisable to take it to a technician specialized in cell phones if our device has these failures, otherwise if we start manipulating the recovery without knowing that we can make the situation worse.

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