How to get promotional coupons or discount codes on CornerShop

CornerShop has become popular and little by little it is becoming one of the best delivery applications. Plus, you can get coupons or promotional discount codes to save on every purchase.

How to get promotional coupons or discount codes on CornerShop

The CornerShop mobile app allows users to make purchases from the market, pharmacy or other partner shops using only their mobile phone. It works like other delivery companies, but here you can schedule the shipment of products to receive them in an hour or the next day.

The reason for the recent popularity of CornerShop is due to the shopping experience which it offers to the user. You will be able to buy all the products you need just like you would and save money thanks to the promotions it has similar to the Rappi delivery company.

    Only by using the CornerShop app and recommending it to others do you stand a chance of receiving money. They have a great referral system which generates revenue to use on your purchases.

    How does the CornerShop referral system work?

    È necessario report the application via a link . Share the link with a friend and after he places his first order you will receive a cash bonus in your account.

    How do I share the CornerShop link?

    How do I redeem the credits obtained with the CornerShop referral system?

    • Log in to your CornerShop account from within the app
    • Select your avatar account
    • Choose the Credits section to change them

      How can I get discount codes for CornerShop?

      There is another alternative to save money with purchases on CornerShop and it is through pages dedicated to the publication of discount codes and promotions. These pages offer discount coupons for various companies like Glovo, and each month they offer a limited number of coupons that can be instantly exchanged in the app.

      Where can I find the discount codes?

      It's simple, you just have to enter "CornerShop discount codes" in the search engine and the first search results will direct you to the most popular discount pages . Click on any one and check that the discount fits what you are looking for.

      Among the most followed pages we find Milenio Discount, Coupons El Periodico and UsoCupon. They offer free shipping promotions in a month or discounts in the different shops associated with CornerShop.

      While it's a pretty cool alternative, it's about limited coupons which run out quickly. On other occasions the coupon doesn't work because the promotion has already expired.

      Using CornerShop for the first time

      If you are not familiar with the application yet, don't worry. Check that it's available for your region to start using it.

      • Download the mobile app from the Android Play Store or from the Apple App Store
      • Launch the app and register
      • Enter your login details and your personal information
      • Add your address so CornerShop will show you which of its partner shops is near you
      • Search the catalog for the products that interest you e add them to your cart
      • When finished, go to your cart to complete your purchase and enter the method payment method you prefer
      • Define when you want the product to arrive and wait for it to arrive from the comfort of your home

      The Buyer will receive your order and will be in charge of making the purchase . If they don't receive a product, they'll contact you via the app to let you know if you'd like a replacement or if you decide not to bring it.

      At the end of the purchase, he will contact you to verify that he has everything you need or if you intend to add a new product to the purchase. You can also choose if you want the same person to deliver the purchase to your address.

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