How to give online lessons via video call: the best platforms and applications

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Faced with the global problem and the quarantine decreed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, various social sectors have had to make a forced stop due to the increase in infections in all countries. This was presented as a measure to regulate cases of infected and ensure that these numbers do not increase and manage to decrease. taking the necessary actions.

Because of these mandatory approaches for the benefit of society, many jobs have simply had to cease for obvious reasons, the same is the case in colleges, schools, high schools and universities, which due to the number of people who concentrate in these institutions of one or another form end to be a source of contagion. By themselves, they were among the first sectors to stop.

This left many students unable to continue their career or courses for several months, at least until the competent academic institutions found a way to propose a different pace of education and assessment in these difficult times that the entire planet is going through. This is how virtual or online classes began to be presented in order to maintain student follow-up.

How to teach online via video call?

Despite these huge problems we are going through, the vast majority of academic institutions opt for it development and execution of virtual lessons with the aim that the students who are studying do not waste time and can continue their studies from your home with total normality, care and safety.

For this to happen correctly, we have to mention that there are various platforms and applications that can serve as tools for all those teachers who wish to teach their lessons online or via video call. These apps can be of great help and end up being a vital tool to be able to capture academic year tracking.

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Another point in favor One of these innovative and interesting options is that they are present in various web browsers, platforms and operating systems, therefore, there will be no problems or inconveniences in the event that a student or teacher can no longer connect to these classes. these applications are present for all mobile devices and computers.

Below we will show you a customized list of the best platforms and apps that you can use to teach your respective classes online, we will also tell you where you can access them from or where to download them, so stay with us and find out all details, information and related data to the best platforms and applications for online lessons.

What are the best apps for teaching online lessons via video call?

If you are a college or high school teacher you should know that the best you can become is to consider the best options and tools when you want to teach your respective classes online and much more if you want to take classes via video call, as this type of activity takes much more time and effort.

Therefore, below we show you some interesting options in platforms and applications which have recently been widely used and recommended by various academic institutions, teachers and students when developing and teaching online classes.


Zoom is a platform totally focused on video calling with which we can create all types of video chat rooms in which we will have the possibility to add a large number of users. From here we will be able to talk to other people and we will also have the opportunity to participate in the development of the classes through the different options offered by the platform.

Google Meet

It is a sophisticated video chat and video call service which presents all kinds of options and tools when you want to go in and develop a virtual class, but it's simpler than zooming. Google Meet is available for download and via web browser.

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Google Classroom

Leaving aside a little video calls , this app works to be able to impart all kinds of material, assessments and lessons to your respective students through a fairly simple system and a very interesting and practical interface for all users. Finally, we can access Classroom from a browser or just download it.

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