How to handwrite on my Android phone or tablet? - Quick and easy

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Today we will see like handwriting on my android phone or tablet in a few steps and in a simple way. Thanks to some applications we can write notes by hand or use it to send messages via WhatsApp, for example.

We cannot deny that one of the apps we use the most on our device is the keyboard. Is what you have now really comfortable? If you enjoy handwriting that they are notes to save or send text messages, the applications we will share below are sure to love you.

We have created a detailed list of the apps we believe are best for you to handwrite on your Android phone or tablet. Most of these are completely free and allow you to write in any text box: social network, notepad , etc.

As time goes by and technology advances, many of us spend too much time without writing by hand. By not doing so you lose the habit and once you return to writing with pen and paper, anything can happen.

Thanks to these apps, you don't have to get out of the habit while using your mobile device by typing.

The best handwriting apps on my mobile or tablet

Google handwriting

The first of the apps we'll talk about comes from Google, never better. It is a simple app that works in 82 languages and allows us to draw what we want with our finger.

Most importantly, it can be used to message your friends via different apps, it's pretty fun.


The purpose of this app is to replace the keyboard we generally use with this app that is able to perfectly recognize what we write by hand. You can use it in any application that allows you to include text.

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In turn, it has a automatic control which works very well, supports several languages ​​and basic recognition modes. The app is remarkably comprehensive and one of the best you'll find in the Play Store. The only bad thing is that we are talking about a paid app.

Write by hand on your Android tablet or mobile

Bamboo card

Whether you want to do sketching, drawing, taking notes, writing any type of text , etc. With you can do whatever comes to your mind. It has different types of pointers like pencils, brushes, etc. You can choose colors, background images and write over and many other things.

In a nutshell, with this app you will turn your device into a block notes with which to jot down anything you can think of will be quite fun and dynamic.

App Nebo

It can recognize up to 64 languages. You can use the app to write in any text box in the application. It's adaptively designed to fit any screen size in the easiest way possible, so you can focus solely on typing.

The app is completely free , at least for now. So take the opportunity to try it out.

As you can see, handwrite on my android phone or tablet is extremely simple thanks to these applications Are you writing by hand to send messages? These apps will surely be of great use to you.

Remember that if you have any questions or want to recommend an app that is not listed, you can do so via the comments you will find below. in this way we can expand our list of apps for handwriting on Android.

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