How to have two WhatsApp accounts on a single Android or iPhone mobile

Whatsapp is an application that in the current market supplants many applications and instant messengers, providing everything important inside and for free only with the Internet service on your mobile device.

How to have two WhatsApp accounts on a single Android or iPhone mobile

Today we understand that the messaging client Whatsapp it can be used with only one account per device and so it was that two interesting tools emerged for you to be able to manage two accounts on the same device, you can choose which option is easier for you to use and above all it is comfortable for your day to day .

      Parallel Space, a different option

      This tool will allow us to find two different numbers on the same mobile device and thus be able to manage them, it not only allows you to add a new WhatsApp account but you can also do it with other social networks such as Facebook, Messenger , Twitter, Instagram among others and therefore have multiple possibilities to manage more than one account on the same mobile device.

      To be able to manage both whatsapp accounts inside we must download this application from the Play Store and from there be able to launch it and install the new WhatsApp account to manage.

      This application also allows us to disguise and customize applications from main screen of the application, with a theme store to customize them. This application will be of great help if we don't have a supportable dual sim inside our device.

      Whatsapp Business, the most used option

      An application well known and used above all by those who have dual sim on their devices and can add a new phone number to manage a new account WhatsApp Business .

      Its main idea is to separate your device into a business account from a personal one so that you can advertise, thus being able to have separate accounts and upload content, have contacts that will only be commercial and not personal.

      Its mode of use and design is the same as WhatsApp Messenger , getting all the features such as video calls , calls and statuses within the application, it is interesting for those entrepreneurs who want to have a platform intimately dedicated to their work.

      Can be used on Android and iOs without problems, downloading it from the respective online stores on your mobile device, even for free.

      How to add a new account in WhatsApp Business?

        If you need it in a business environment, to give a different color to your business, we recommend using Whatsapp Business, but if you want something more personal and, above all, your device does not support dual sim, your ideal would be parallel Space .

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