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One of the biggest drawbacks of having applications on Android devices that are not used but cannot be uninstalled is because integrated into it , is that they also tend to consume data and internal storage unnecessarily.

For this reason, methods have been developed to increase this storage space in the RAM memory of the device and avoid the consumption of data and extra space. One of these potential alternatives is the option for activate or put applications on your mobile device in hibernation mode .

Since in this way, the functions that these applications perform in the background are reduced and the activity they carry out on the mobile device is limited while the user is not using them.

With that in mind, we'll show you the steps you need to follow to learn how to hibernate or put applications you want on your Android device in hibernation mode .

    Steps to hibernate background apps on Android

    Although the option for put applications into hibernation mode Android is a very useful tool when it comes to freeing up internal storage space on such a device, it is not built into the mobile phone.

    In other words, if you want to put some of the apps that consume the most data on Android into hibernation, or those that you use the least and cannot uninstall, you need to install an application for this purpose on your device. In this case, the best option is the Clean & Master application, to which you can log in from the app store of the Google Play Store.

    Once you have downloaded and installed it, you need to enter it and locate the "App Hibernate" option by scrolling down the start window. When you log in, you will notice that you have the "System Applications" options, "User Applications" and "Hibernated Applications".

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    So for put applications into hibernation mode Android you want, you need to select that application from the list displayed in the system and user applications. This will automatically be moved to the hibernation applications folder and its functions will be disabled.

    What is the use of hibernation applications?

    Although the usefulness of the mobile applications with which they are integrated Android devices are very useful, some of them are not used frequently.

    Therefore, these types of applications usually run in the background on your Android device, they can consume internal storage memory , then closing these types of applications or putting them into hibernation mode by then frees up space in the RAM memory.

    On the other hand, some of these applications built into your Android not only consume RAM space, but consume also the mobile data of your device.

    This way, if you hibernate or put applications into hibernation mode on your mobile Android, you can free up space in the memory of your Android phone and without having to delete anything, also saving the connection data of your device.

    So if you later need to access any of these applications that you have put into hibernation, you will just have to turn off the hibernation mode and you will be able to use the application without any inconvenience.

    Settings to prevent apps from running in the background

    On many occasions it may be that after doing this setup , applications do not perform at the same optimal performance but it is a simple method which is performed by first entering the settings of your mobile phone.

    The next thing you should do is search carefully which applications you want to stop and proceed to click on it. Then you will click on the option to force shutdown and the app will stop. Here's how the application you perform this procedure will stop running in the background.

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    What is the best application for putting apps into hibernation?

    There are many methods for put our applications into hibernation, as well as helping our device not drain so quickly. Likewise, it is possible to name several applications, but one of the best is Greenify, it has a high recommendation because it works really well on our mobile.

    Currently this application is suitable for any device but must be configured to access permissions on the mobile . What is true is that it will help you in greater savings and a longer life span of your phone.

    There are two versions in the Play Store, one is completely free, but in reality both have the necessary basic functions with which we can put our applications into hibernation.

    Use Greenify

    This application will facilitate the cancellation of application features provided that it is convenient for us not to use them, it is really a very useful tool when we do not want to spend a lot of battery or do not want distractions.

    It will put any app running in the background, that is these applications will remain static for as long as we want . It is important to know that there are applications such as the alarm that do not hibernate.

    Most importantly, this app will allow us to keep using the app for as long as we want. Likewise, these applications will only hibernate when they are in the background and then they will return to their normal functioning. This app will only facilitate the steps or the process for that.

    How to remove or disable the application in hibernation mode - Steps to follow

    After activating the hibernation mode with the Clean & Master application, or any other application you have selected by yourself, it has a section where you can disable or remove hibernation mode.

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    For this, in the case of Clean & Master, once the hibernation mode is activated, it is necessary to enter the section "Iberna applications" which is shown in the "Hibernate applications" option in the Clean & application start window. Master's degree.

    Once there, you will be able to see the list of applications you have activated in hibernation mode on your device Android .

    Therefore, if you wish to deactivate this mode , you just have to select the application you want and it will automatically return to the corresponding folder. That is, in the folder "User Applications" and "System Applications" depending on the source of the application that activated the hibernation mode.

    This way, you will be able to disable hibernation mode in mobile applications and will have its processes running in the background again.

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