How to hide and position a WordPress blog under construction step by step

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If you have a WordPress site in the process of being created or it is undergoing maintenance right now, the best thing you can do is hide the blog . Instead it temporarily inserts a page under construction. If you don't know, here we show you step by step.

    Put a WordPress blog under construction

    Put a page under construction it's a very simple process. You just need to create a page that shows your visitors that your page works, but is temporarily unavailable.

    When this mode is active, the page shows users a code 503 . The "Under construction" or "Under maintenance" mode is placed "when you need to perform activities on the page such as:

    • Construction from scratch on the web
    • Changes o site settings
    • Update of the theme or model
    • renovation complete website

    By using this feature, search engines such as Google are notified that your page is temporarily unavailable and it won't affect your SEO ranking in the search engine. It is important to schedule maintenance on specific dates and times so that Google Bot knows when it is down.

    While maintenance mode is a useful tool, avoid using it for long periods of time. The normal thing is to use it for up to three days. As for the "Construction Mode" it might take longer, but it has to have a deadline to view the page.

    Elements of a website under construction

    The build mode page should inform users that the web is temporarily unavailable. This may make you decide not to visit the website again. To avoid this, it is necessary add dynamic elements and attractive to the page and at the same time inform about their status.

    • Title: it is advisable to insert the title "page under construction" so that the user understands its status.
    • Computer text: creates engaging text that connects the user and indicates reasons why the page is unavailable. It is recommended to use Copywriting.
    • Pictures or videos: graphics are useful for adding dynamism to the page in a fun way. The content needs to be related to your brand and what you do.
    • Timing: give the user a reason to come back. Add a countdown timer or set a date so users know when they can access the website.
    • Form of contact: create bridges so that the user can communicate with you in some way. Add a form where users add their email or phone.
    • Social media buttons: make a call to action and invite users to access your content on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
    • Chatbot - The use of automated tools such as chatbots is becoming more and more common. In WordPress there are several ways to implement them and it is the best option for the user to have direct communication with you.
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    WordPress plugin to create a page under construction

    Coming page and maintenance mode

    One of the most downloaded and highest rated plugins in the WordPress community. All the tools you need to create your maintenance page are in one place.

    È free and very easy to use. Besides that you can create a page with yours design from scratch. If you're related to content mockers like Elementor or Divi, this plugin is for you. Its Premium version has a very intuitive page builder.


    It is one of the most popular for being easy to use. In just a minute will trigger the 503 error and will warn search engines that your page is temporarily unavailable.

    È in Spanish , which is an advantage over other solutions. One point against maintenance is that it doesn't update as often, which can lead to incompatibility issues with newer versions of WordPress.

    Under construction

    It activates in minutes and allows you to add buttons for SOCIAL MEDIA . It also includes templates with predefined designs, but they are paid. Under Construction is updated frequently so you don't have any problems due to plugin errors or support.

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