How to hide Facebook on my Android phone - Hide apps on my mobile

Most of the people like us that the rest of the people do respect our privacy and don't go snooping around on our mobile devices, however, that person you lend your cell phone to for a certain purpose is never missing, and he ends up going to other applications to browse.

Phone companies have taken into account the annoyance this action causes to other people, which is why some mobile devices include, by default, the option to hide folders and applications .

This is in order to prevent third parties from accessing certain applications and thus maintain the user's privacy as much as possible. This is not only due to the fact that the third person can see the user's personal content, but also to prevent them from gaining access to information personal of the user .

Surely there are several ways to protect applications and folders on an Android mobile, putting a password to access their content is an option, however people they will continue to see the application icon .

To protect the contents of a folder or mobile application, it's best hide . This way you will avoid generating doubts in people who grab your Android mobile and ask them why you blocked the application, since being hidden, they will not see it.

How to hide applications on my Android phone?

Surely there are several ways to hide applications on an Android mobile. The main, the simplest, is through the option and many android mobiles offer today of default . To use it we just have to hold down the application until we get the options.

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There we can see if the option " Hide application "or" Hide folder If it appears and we select hide, then to be able to view them again, it depends on where the option "show hidden applications" or "show hidden folders" is located.

You can try to hold anywhere on the screen and wait a few seconds to see if the option " show hidden applications "or you can go to settings, applications and select" show hidden applications ".

Depends on the software and model of your Android phone, this function of hiding folders may vary. For example, some Android phones instead of bringing the option to hide each application individually, brings the ability to create one " private space ".

This would be a type of extra folder or profile , where you can add the apps you want to hide, separate from the usual apps and folders.

Another method in case your Android mobile doesn't have any of the above options, is download and install a third application through the Play Store which takes care of hiding all the applications, folders, files you want.

How to hide Facebook on my Android phone?

hide the Facebook application , it's a similar process to hiding any other social media application and there are certainly several ways to do it. The ideal would be to hide it through the function of a third application that you download from the Play Store.

you can do it hiding it from the option that the phone carries by default, but there will be people who already know that your mobile has that option and they can also locate the Facebook application even if it is hidden. Instead, by downloading an application that only you know you have, you can hide Facebook without arousing suspicion.

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Next we will tell you some of the applications to hide the Facebook application and other applications on your android mobile which are most used, safe and effective from the Play Store.

Best apps to hide apps

  • Nova Launcher it is a favorite of android users. Free and paid versions are available. One of the most interesting features of this application is that it does not require access to almost all functions of the Android mobile

  • App hider it will hide the desired applications as well as hide with a different icon, simulating that it is a calculator application.
  • Calculator Vault it is very popular among the android user community. This app offers features like hiding the notifications icon of apps that are hidden as well as hiding apps successfully.

Just like you, there are many applications available on the Play Store . When selecting one you need to make sure it is compatible with your Android operating system.

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