How to hide or delete last name on Facebook and leave only my first name

When we create an account in a social network or direct messaging application, we want it to offer us simple and easy to understand options. But this also allows us to change them at any time. Facebook the most used social network in the world understands this and now we can do something that was not possible before. And that is why we will teach you the steps for hide or delete the last name on Facebook and that only your first name remains.

Is that many users hate offering sensitive data on social networks, this is to avoid being exposed or not being easily identified by anyone. For the reasons given, they are valid, as everyone wants to have privacy. And it doesn't show data like phone number, surname or birthday, it's your right.

How to hide or delete last name on Facebook and leave only my first name

But how is it possible to do this, if it is necessary when we create a Facebook account that we put our surname. Well, that's the idea of ​​this article, to show you a great trick with which you can hide this information without causing problems with the platform.

In the social network it is possible to make private your profile picture or the photos you have uploaded to Facebook. So let's see what we'll do for hide or delete the last name and that only the first name remains.

      Steps to remove or hide last name on Facebook

      It is true that despite being a very popular social network, there are many today who criticize it for having exposed the privacy of users. But fortunately it is now possible to make some changes or change some data that we have provided when creating the account. And with this we will get that only our name is displayed and the surname disappears.

      So, to carry out this trick, the first thing we have to do is log into Facebook as you do regularly by entering your email and password. If you have two accounts, don't worry, you can access both at the same time.

      Here we must clarify that there will be a particularity and that will allow the success of this trick. And we will use a proxy and this will be from an Asian country i.e. Indonesia.

      Once we will be on the home page of Facebook , we will go to the top to press the "Settings" option. Once this is done, we will look for the "Languages" option to be able to edit this section. The next step will be to select the new language which will allow us to hide the surname and this will be “Bahasa Indonesia”.

      Change the language of our Facebook profile

      The first thing we will notice is that everything will change drastically and we will not understand the letters that now appear on our profile. So we can feel a little lost when selecting an option. The next step is to go to the account options and we will choose the first option that appears in the menu.

      This action will take us to a new window and in it we will find other options in a different language, but we will select "Sunting". This option will not allow the modification of our account data and in this case we will delete the surname. And we will just leave the name which is exactly what we are looking for.

      Once this step is completed, all we have to do is click on the blue box that has the following message written in Indonesian " ReviewChanges ". Once this is done, a new message will appear and a box where we must write the password that we use to access our Facebook account.

      Since you will already have your account without a last name and now you just have to go back to your profile settings and choose the Spanish language so that you can understand everything again. And to finish, you just have to disable the proxy and in this way we tricked Facebook so that you can have your account without a last name.

      This is because in this Asian country it is allowed to create accounts only with the name and thus ends the article in which we have shown you how to hide or delete last name on facebook.

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