How to hide root on my Android phone without Xposed

Hide the root an Android phone without Xposed it has never been as simple to make as it is today. Root permissions or super user permissions arise from the need to modify some aspects of the "Android" operating system.

That allows users to access certain root configurations , which only a programmer or an expert in the area would be familiar with, as it requires some caution.

However, many users have chosen to root Android devices, as many unofficial applications require super user permissions as a requirement.

How to hide super user or root permissions without Xposed?

To hide root an android phone without Xposed , it might be impossible, for those who do not have much knowledge on the subject. Being a root user involves breaking Android's security permissions. To hide it, you don't need to use Xposed.

Well, there are others tools that can help you , one of these is the 'Kingroot' tool, one of the best apps to root an Android without major complications, through it you can hide if you have granted root permissions.

To install it and complete a root process, you have to go to the official page of 'Kingroot' and select the download option, while the download is in progress you have to go to the phone settings and activate unknown sources of applications.

Once the download process is complete, open the application and wait that the root does start, complete i processes you want to do with root and then when you no longer need it, you uninstall it from the application.

To uninstall or hide the root, go to the top right, press and, a menu will appear, in which you have to choose the option to uninstall 'Kingroot' and voila , no one could know.

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Is it safe to root a mobile or Android phone?

Root an Android phone without Xposed it can be very useful, especially if you don't want anyone to know you have rooted the your phone. On the other hand, many have questioned the security of root processes and they may turn out to be right or wrong.

It all depends on the procedures with which these are performed, obviously you must have a good internet connection and, for this, you may be interested in increasing the speed of your internet connection using 'VPN'.

Undoubtedly, the option of keeping super user permissions closed, for anyone who owns an Android device, is for security, such as means to protect physical and digital integrity of Android devices.

However, some of them need access to root permissions for several reasons, mainly because they want to use certain applications, generally those that are not considered safe by the Android system.

However, the root process can be very safe when done correctly, and without abusing the things you want to do after rooting, there are times when the device in question can be severely damaged.

Can an Android device lose its warranty if it is rooted?

If hiding the root of an Android phone without Xposed, you found it interesting, knowing other aspects regarding the warranty of an Android smartphone and determining if a phone is refurbished will be even more so.

Cell phone warranties allow users to obtain a means of protecting the assets they have invested in the purchase. Certain conditions apply, since such warranties include the repair or replacement of the equipment.

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However, this is possible within a certain period of time and if the equipment has not been desecrated at the hardware or software level. Something that happens frequently when users root their mobile computers, as it is strictly forbidden to do so.

Within the guarantees, the terms relating to root processes are specified, in which it is established that the guarantees are lost when such an action is performed, since it directly invades the functions deemed safe.

For these reasons, a user must refrain from performing a root procedure if your phone is new and still under warranty as you may lose those benefits immediately.

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