How to improve and increase the security of my Android phone?

One of the most important aspects of our mobiles is security. Unfortunately, many of us do not devote time and attention to this section. If you want to improve the security of your mobile, we will tell you how to improve and increase the security of your phone Android . But first, let's see why it's so important to take these steps.

How to improve and increase the security of my Android phone?

      Why improve and increase the security of your Android phone?

      As the world of technology advances, unfortunately so do the attacks computer science and information theft strategies of hackers. Many times we use the phone to store banking information, personal photos, work matters, text messages, emails, among others.

      This type of information can be the victim of theft, espionage and even loss at any moment. And it is clear that in these modern times the telephone is more of a necessity than something to be entertained. Therefore to maintain the information contained therein protected is vital to have a better user experience.

      All of this must convince you that you should try to improve and increase the security of your Android phone so that you can have more peace of mind.

      How to improve the cybersecurity of your Android phone?

      These tips are simple but effective. If you follow them, the positive impact will be more than noticeable.

      The first tip is about downloading apps from the Play Store only. This is an official app store that analyzes every app that is uploaded to its server. On the other hand, if you acquire applications from dubious sites, you run the risk of personal information being stolen through them.

      A second tip is to create passwords that are complex but easy to remember. You can create an impenetrable password by following the advice we have already given in other articles. Also, avoid obvious passwords, like 12345, that are cracked in less than 10 seconds.

      Our third recommendation is not to connect to open Wi-Fi networks, since these are more prone to cyber attacks. If you have no other options and it is very urgent that you connect to the Internet, we advise you to follow these tips to surf safely while using a public Wi-Fi network.

      You can also improve your phone's security by updating the operating system whenever an update is available. If you don't know how, here you can learn how to update your phone or tablet's Android software.

      Always have a good one antivirus installed on the phone. You can see a list of the best Android antivirus available on Play Store. Some of them are so advanced that if your phone is stolen, they help you locate it, even remove personal information to prevent it from being stolen, and act remotely by locking your phone.

      Something very important is avoid having confidential information on the phone, because in case of loss or theft, any malicious person will not have the opportunity to do anything because you made sure in advance not to store important things there.

      All these practical tips that we have given you will help you improve and increase the security of your Android phone, so you will feel more comfortable with your information being safe from viruses and hackers.

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