How to Improve Blurry and Dark Video Calling on WhatsApp - Video Calling Issues

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Human interaction is an action that keeps us subject to emotional and social bonds, which cannot be diminished by the action of technology, indeed, technology is the greatest tool for promote human interaction , now largely carried out by digital.

For this reason, video calls have been structured as a means of bringing people together, WhatsApp makes video calling easier , since making them from this application is simple, hence the great demand and part of the success of the gigantic application that brings together millions of people. Activating and making video calls on WhatsApp is a simple procedure, but it can have some hitches.

The mishaps are always around the corner, it can happen that a video call is not made on WhatsApp because the video call does not work, or because of hazards that make it impossible to see or have problems with the camera.

Or just that you're having trouble with sharpness, which detracts from the quality of the experience, which is why it's urgent to talk about how improve the image of video calls that appear blurry and dark on WhatsApp.

Images appear dark or blurry on WhatsApp

The spectrum of possibilities and their origin is very varied, it can range from connection and lighting problems, to problems directly related to the mobile phone, the simplest being a percentage of low battery that activates the energy saving mode or also a problem with the camera .

Therefore, the main thing will be to identify the origin of the tortuosity in the image when making the video call, and then proceed to give it a timely solution. If it comes to elements related to lighting , you can tell only by taking a look at the space you are in.

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If, on the other hand, it is a connection problem, it can happen quickly, by trying send a test message within WhatsApp and see the time it took to send it, which is an indication of the connection speed.

On the other hand, the problems related to the mobile phone can be deduced by observing the percentage of the battery, or by trying to enter the camera to check the image quality there and be able to compare it with that of the video call on WhatsApp. Once the source is identified, we can proceed to remedy it and improve the image of blurry and dark video calls.

How to improve the image of video calls that appear blurry and dark on WhatsApp?

Once we have identified the origin or possible provenance, however, we can proceed to improve the image in video calls on WhatsApp. Based on its origins, we will address the actions and possibilities separately.

First case to fix blurry video calls

If it is a source of lighting and connection, we can improve the image in a simple way. So long as lighting is the main cause of darkness in the images and even becomes blurry.

The ideal is to change the scene, find a space where the lighting favors. It should be borne in mind that the source of artificial lighting that accompanies the user, is always in front and not behind , in addition to activating the front flash of the mobile, For its part, the connection problem has other solutions that help improve the image in the video call.

These solutions consist in accelerating the signal strength, if it comes from a WiFi, the ideal is to stay as close to it as possible, as well as restart it and check its speed, or request a higher Mbps browsing flow since internet provider. This will resolve the noise of a blurry image. However there are special cases, which accompany the part of the operation of the device.

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Second case to fix blurry video calls

Reside in configurations and problems, a low percentage of battery, would activate the power saving mode, which reduces brightness , for this the solution is to charge the battery, giving a simple and straightforward solution and if you want to change the energy saving settings.

On the other hand, there is the problem of internal problems with the camera, if it has already been detected that it is not WhatsApp or the connection, but the camera. Ideally, turn the device off and on again , do not restart it. If the problem persists, a software update should be considered.

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