How to improve in Fortnite with controller or keyboard and mouse: the secrets to being a pro

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The boom and great popularity that video games have had is due to advances in the fields of entertainment aimed at players of all ages. Out of all the genres that have been created, shooters may be the most loved by the gaming community. That is why today we will explain how to improve in Fortnite with a controller or keyboard and mouse.

How to improve in Fortnite with controller or keyboard and mouse: the secrets to being a pro

From its humble beginnings in the genre with titles like Doom, Perfect Dark, and GoldenEye 007, the shooter video game genre has evolved. To reach magnitudes such as the famous Call of Duty saga and Garena Free Fire. However, Fortnite: Battle Royale is probably one of the most innovative, fun and somewhat complicated in the industry.

      How to improve in Fortnite with the command?

      If you have downloaded Fortnite PlayStation 4, XBox One or Nintendo Switch, you may be experiencing problems. Maybe using the joysticks to move and aim at the same time. Which is really challenging especially if you are not an experienced gamer or experienced console.

      The first recommendation would be that you make sure you know the command well of your console and know how to use it. For example, you might start by playing other games to gain experience. And so as you play different games that require higher skill level and quick response than what you currently play.

      On the other hand, you can too activate the aim assist option or assisted vision. Enabling this option will make it much easier for you to target opposing players even when you're moving fast. And then place your medkits in a strategic button.

      How to improve in Fortnite with keyboard and mouse?

      One of the advantages of playing Fortnite: Battle Royale on a computer is the fact that each key is fully customizable. Also, you can define a game action for each key; configured according to your comfort criteria . This will also serve you when you need to edit quickly in Fortnite and prevent it from reaching you in-game.

      And this is the first tip to improve in Fortnite: Battle Royale with controller and mouse. You should set up and customize your keyboard so that you can play comfortably.

      Mapping the keyboard in your mind is essential for shooters like Fortnite. Especially since it is played online and there are many ruthless and fast players. They don't look closely at your keyboard to know which key to press to make a certain move.

      Your way of playing should be the same, knowing each key and its respective action within the game, you should also configure the sensitivity of your mouse.

      Also, improving your aim in Fortnite becomes necessary in order not to lose. Because having a crosshair that moves extravagantly fast or awkwardly slow isn't going to take a toll on your gameplay; so it's ideal that you get the perfect sensitivity point to play with comfort and speed.

      Do you play with console or computer?

      The famous battle between cutting-edge advanced consoles and pc gamers (computers specially developed to be able to support and play advanced video games without any problem) has been going on since the beginning of the rise of 3D video games or those with high requirements.

      Although consoles sometimes enjoy privileges such as exclusive installments of certain franchises, PCs usually have much more content available thanks to the independent creations of small but effective developers, for example Star Craft, World of Warcraft or League Of Legends.

      But in the particular case of Fortnite: Battle Royale, the vast majority of experienced players who are taken seriously and the most globally recognized tournaments are the privilege of computers, so if your desire is to distinguish yourself as a player world professional , you should opt for a computer.

      However, if your main goal is alone have fun while enjoying it, you can choose to play on a console, as long as you can improve enough so that your experience doesn't end up being frustrating. Never forget to update Fortnite on your PC or PlayStation 4, XBox One so as not to miss any innovative detail.

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