How to improve mouse accuracy or sensitivity in Windows 10

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Technological advances have significantly helped the development of our world, currently to do most of the work, the use of technology is involved. This served to make the tasks much more practical.

Similarly, use computer science has evolved a lot , to the point of becoming something fundamental for the development of our society. Today everything is connected thanks to the use that is given to information technology.

It all started with the computer implementation , but at first they were very slow and performed very few activities. But over the years, computer manufacturers have refined its features.

Likewise, the tools that complement the use of computers are increasingly advanced. And to give them better use, a key pillar is the mouse or better known as a mouse. This is why it is important improve your accuracy .

Why is it necessary to improve the accuracy and sensitivity of the mouse?

One of the essential components of our computers are mice, these they help us to navigate easily through the interface of each operating system . One of the most used operating systems is Microsoft Windows.

The success of Windows among users is due to being an operating system that is concerned with providing the best experience when managing our computers. The latest version is Windows 10.

This version is characterized by being designed in such a way as to make the execution of programs very simple and practical. Furthermore, the programs it offers are very advanced and capable of performing any type of activity.

On the other hand, it is crucial to have the mouse sensitivity well configured , come on the pressure they work with. In this way, we can correctly manipulate any type of program we are running.

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In this article we will learn all the steps we need to take to improve the accuracy and sensitivity of the mouse in Windows 10. In order to adapt the functionality of this important element to our measurement, such as our computer mouse.

Steps to improve mouse accuracy in Windows 10

The first thing we need to do to improve the accuracy of the mouse on our Windows 10 computer is to access the Control Panel, which you can activate or deactivate whenever you want. We can do this by simultaneously pressing the Windows + R keys and typing Control, then click OK. You can activate or deactivate the control panel whenever you want.

Another way to do this is from the bar using the Windows search magnifier located in the lower left corner of the screen and typing Control Panel. Once here, we need to click on the Mouse option.

A tab will open from which we will access the mouse settings, the next step will be to click on the Pointer Options tab. Now we need to go to the section "Movement" and select the "Improve pointer precision" box .

In this way, we will enable the option that will allow you to configure the pointer speed, we can see a bar with two options, "Slow" and "Fast". In the center of this bar there is an indicator, which we can move to our liking, when we have already configured the speed we click on Apply, then on OK and that's it.

Steps to improve mouse sensitivity in Windows 10

To improve the sensitivity of the mouse on our computer we have to use another method. To perform this configuration we have to indicate the access command , by pressing the Windows key and in turn the R key.

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A window will open in which we need to write Regedit (these registers can be edited) and we will click OK, following the previous steps, the tool will open "Registry Editor" . Now we have to navigate through the following path, HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Control Panel / Mouse .

On the right side of the screen a window will open with a list of options, we need to look for the option "MouseSpeed" and select it. In the window that opens, place the number 2 in the value information bar and click OK.

Next, we return to the tab with the list of options, but this time we select the option "MouseThereshold1", we place the number 0 and click OK. We do the same with the option "MouseThereshold2" And that's it.

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