How to improve Spotify audio or sound quality What is the best equalizer?

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If you love music and want to know how to improve Spotify audio or sound quality? and you are interested in knowing what is the best equalizer? Well, we'll tell you what it takes to make your songs sound even better when using this program.

For music lovers and the general public, it is essential to have a tool at hand with which to listen to your favorite artists. For this reason Spotify was born , an app that allows you to listen to any genre you like. In addition to having several tools, Spotify has ranked above Apple Music many times.

    Steps to increase the sound quality

    In the beginning, you need to have your session open on one of the compatible devices, be it PC or Smartphone. When we have the app open, we will see that in the upper right corner there is an icon for app configuration. We have to tap it to open the menu.

    From this menu, we can make all kinds of settings and adjustments. But what interests us in this particular is the option to improve the quality of the audio we play in the app. This section is well below the beginning, almost reaching the end of the menu.

    If we observe the quality section , we can display different menus. From here we can change them all, but you have to keep in mind that the better the sound quality, the more data it will spend. So it is advisable to adjust it to the best quality only when we are connected to a WIFI network.

    In addition to data consumption, you should know that you can choose between low, medium and high quality. But to be able to select the sound in the highest quality. You must have a monthly subscription on Spotify, as this option is only for these specific cases.

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    Which of Spotify's equalizers is the best?

    Equalizers are a unique way to listen to music. And since Spotify has included it, its use is actually rare. Because not many people know how to use it correctly so they prefer not to even look at it.

    When it comes to equalizers, if you want to choose the best, you need to be clear about the type of music you like to listen to. Because there are many genres and styles and there are equalizers for each. For example, if you listen to music that has great bass like Blues or Trap and want these bass sounds boosted, you can opt for the cosiddetto Bass Boost.

    Another example can be electronic music, which is characterized by having very distinct sounds among other musical genres, so in the equalizer you will find the special option for this genre, which highlights some notes so that they sound better quality. And with this you have a better experience.

    In case you don't have a lot of storage space and still want to listen to your music with the best equalizer, there is always the option to use the light or Lite version of Spotify. With which you can enjoy your music favorite without spending a lot of space.

    How to use the available equalizers?

    To use one of the equalizers in the application, you must first activate this option. In the same settings menu we can find an equalizer option. We will find it in 'sound quality', from here you must first activate the option.

    Later we will see that we get a list with all musical genres. From here we can mark what we want and it will automatically be applied to all the songs we will listen to. This option can be changed as many times as you want by entering the same menu and marking another.

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    On the other hand, if you look at the choice of a genre, a graph will open with the audio values ​​for that selection. If we wish, we can play with some of these frequencies and adjust them to our liking. This it will depend on each person and which sounds it wants to highlight. Whether they are low, high or medium.

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