How to improve the quality of my video calls and which applications to use?

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Communications via mobile devices have become part of our daily life. In these times, in fact, video calls or conferences have become a constant.

However, as more users connect, the connection and quality may decrease , resulting in pixelated images or unclear audio.

But not everything depends on broadband, it also depends on quality of the platform you use as it may require lower or higher quality depending on its format.

    How can you improve the quality of video calls?

    Tutto it depends on your Wi-Fi connection , because if it's not good, neither will the quality. If you get a stable connection and download from 32 to 64 megabytes per minute , your video call will maintain excellent connectivity with other people on the network.

    Now you can too connect with your cellular data , if you have a stable signal, 3G, 4G and H +, you will make sure your conference is secure and with great connectivity.

    Besides that, you have to take into consideration that yours computer, mobile device or tablet is capable of supporting these applications and that they are compatible so that they work optimally.

    You have to make sure that the RAM memory is powerful enough so that your computer, mobile or tablet does not slow down, as it will affect the moment of broadcasting your image on the webcam and seeing the other participants, as well as affecting the audio of your broadcast. .

    The latest devices have all the components to give you an image and an audio of quality, however, the lower-mid-range models may not be up to par.

    What are the best apps for making video calls?

    This will 100% depend on the use you want to make of it, since, if you want to, for example, make one conference with your co-workers , an app that allows you to connect with up to 100 people or more would be ideal.

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    If you just want do some streaming, platforms or social networks that are very well known in the world today. Next we will mention very good applications based on their usage:


    Great app for making videoconferencing with up to 50 people or more. This app gives you the confidence and control of many tools to share slides and images.

    Great for business or for do online lessons in effective way. It also allows you to record the conference and then use it if you want to remember something. All participants can interact freely if the host allows it.

    Participants have options such as: activate the microphone, the camera, raise their hand digitally, a chat available to ask questions and interventions, as well as share their image to present a slide or document.


    This application is, for the most part, for Apple users , allows you to make calls or video calls with up to 32 people at the same time. You don't have many tools. It is ideal for making calls with your friends or family.


    Like Facetime, it can be a bit random. You can make video calls up to one maximum of 8 people , in fact, they have just expanded the number of participants from 4 to 8, due to the quarantine we are in.

    Festa Netflix

    Netflix Party allows you to share a movie in direct with the friends you want.

    It plays simultaneously for all participants as they can interact together as if they were all together.


    Until 25 people they can interact in the video call . You just have to sync your camera and phone number with this app and you will be inside to make your video calls.

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    Instagram live

    This application that we all know and use to share who we are or our work allows us to fare LIVE where you can share with your followers via live video and they can interact with you via messages and emojis.

    You can also invite followers to join one open video call with you while other users interact. This tool is available for other apps like Facebook and TIkTok.

    You have to take into account the above, the speed of your broadband is what will help you to get good quality to make your video call.

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