How to improve the sound of your voice in Premiere pro in a professional way?

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Everyone knows that Premier pro is in the top 5 of the best audio and video editors in the world. I earned this position, thanks to the ease of use of each of its tools and the wide variety of functions it offers (in it you can even gradually raise and lower the volume of a video or audio, which in another program cannot) . Here because today you will learn how to improve the sound of your voice in Premiere pro in a professional way.

How to improve the sound of your voice in Premiere Pro in a professional way

If you compare Premier pro with any other program, you can see how advanced it is. Because it has features that other software only dream of having. So if you want to call yourself a real professional in audio and video editing, you have to fully manage this program (download it for free if you don't own it from its official website).

    Enhance the sound of your voice in Premiere pro in a professional way

    The first thing you need to know before starting the process of enhancing your voice audio in Premiere pro professionally is why do you have to do this process? the what benefits will it bring you?

    Well, basically this to give a greater tone to the voice that appears in the video and also to make it sound cleaner, that is to say that there are no background noises, no drops in volume, no sudden cuts.

    With that already clear, to get started with tone enhancement, the first step you need to take is to go to the "tab" Window "and from there select the option "Audio Track Mixer".

    When you do this, several gray boxes will appear, representing each of the tracks that are in the timeline (their order is left to right, with track one being the first box on the left).

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    In the drawers you can choose the effects you want to place on each track (they appear by clicking the arrow inside them). The first thing to add is the equalizer effect.

    This effect is obtained by pressing the above arrow, then clicking on the option "Filter and EC" and finally selecting "Parametric equalizer", when it appears in the drawer double click with the mouse and on the bar where it says " default ", setting up “Voice amplifier”.

    With the above, you will have tweaked your track a bit and it will sound better, but now you need to keep adding more effects to make it professional (if you learn to handle them all well, in a short time you will be able to do advanced audio mixing in Premier. ).

    Effects that get a professional voice

    With the above, you have just taken your first step, so to enhance the audio of your voice in Premiere pro in a professional way, you should continue with the following effects:

    Click Eliminator

    This will help correct the noise that occurs when you have a dry voice (like a click). To place it you need to click on the arrow again and when the options open select "Noise reduction and restoration" and then "Automatic click eliminator".


    It is an effect that gives definition to the voice in the audio (clarity). Get it by going on the same arrow as the previous one, but this time choosing the options " Analysis " and then " mastering ".

    When you place it, double-click to bring up the effects window and change the default to "Subtle Clarity" , then press the boxes "Upper Shelf" e "Lower Shelf" and play with the parameters on the right while listening to the audio to get the best result.

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    Multiband compressor

    This is one of the most important, because it adjusts the pitch of you whether they are very high or very low, so that they feel good. If you want to place it, go back to the arrow and press inside "Amplitude and Compression" then "Multiband Compressor". Open the window for this and change the setting to " spread ", then listen to your audio and if you see that the gain reaches 0 turn it down a bit.

    Noise reduction

    Finally and to finish with learning how to improve the audio of your voice in Premiere pro in a professional way ?, you have to go to the arrow and choose "Noise reduction and restoration" and finally "Adaptive Noise Reduction". This will help you correct noises as the name implies (this effect is necessary to know how to use it perfectly, so it wouldn't hurt if you're trying to eliminate and clean ambient noise from a recording).

    And that's it, you know what you need, so you have nothing more to learn, your next step should be finding out how to sync audio and video in one go, so you can start putting your projects together.

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