How to insert 360º wallpapers for your Android mobile phone

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360° images are here to stay and thanks to Android they are available to everyone. You can personalize your mobile with one 360 degree background and you just need an app to do it.

360 degree wallpapers rotate in real time every time the user interacts with the mobile home screen. If you have the cinematic effect, you will also rotate the image constantly at a slower speed. In relation to this article, you might also be interested in knowing how to make 360-degree videos with the camera on my Android phone

How to insert 360º wallpapers for your Android mobile phone

      How to put 360 degree wallpapers

      A 360° image is a great option to personalize your phone. It's a very original idea and you won't get bored of wallpaper so easily. You just need the app which you can download from Play Store .

      is an application Android which allows you to customize 360° wallpapers. It is one of the best wallpaper apps and currently has more than one million downloads.

      As soon as you install the application, the first thing you will see will be the loading preview, that is a preview of the appearance of the wallpaper that the installed application brings by default.

      Select the background image

      Choose the picture you want to set as background . Select the Photos option from the app's general settings. You can choose from predefined options application , where there are wallpapers of natural and urban landscapes.

      You can select the image from photo gallery mobile . If your mobile phone is of the latest generation, you can certainly create your 360° images with applications such as Google Street View.

      If you don't know how to create a 360° image, you can download and save it on your mobile. The first pack called Mother Nature Free are free wallpapers available in the application.

      Choose more than one image

      In case you don't want to have only one image as wallpaper, you can choose one entire photo album and the pictures will change randomly.

      You can select the time interval in which change the image . You can switch between images with a gesture, it can be a double tap or a double tap with two fingers.

      Wallpaper settings

      What makes this application a favorite among users is the amount of changes you can make to the image. You can change everything from the camera angles the amount of brightness.

      Modify camera movement. It's possible disable the option Camera (left-right) so that the image only moves up and down, or disable Camera (up-down) so that it only moves sideways.

      Effect film . This effect causes the image to rotate constantly. You can enable it according to your taste, just like the sensors for scrolling the image.

      It changes color depending on the time of day. The option automatic daytime brings the image to life by changing color according to the time of day. If it is night the image will darken and if it is day it will be sharper. To make this change, the app needs access to your location.

      Rule i colors of the image. You can choose the brightness intensity of the image and the percentage of contrast you want it to have. If you want the image to have more vivid colors, increase the saturation percentage.

      When the selected background is completely configured , you can preview it before installing it in the Full Screen Preview option.

      If everything is fine, press the button Apply and the selected image will be set as the new wallpaper. It is important that the image you choose to place as a wallpaper is of high resolution and of ottima qualità . You should know that you can also create a 360 degree image to post on Facebook.

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