How to insert a custom background theme in my Gmail

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Recently we have been able to see the various innovations of the services and products that the Google company has adopted, all in order to improve its interface and thus provide its users with significant improvements within the package of products that gmail offer .

All this, with the sole purpose of being able to offer its users different web experiences which, in one way or another, greatly improve their use. We can still have the classic view of Gmail, a function that despite everything the company will not allow for a long time, since it will soon be possible for all users to use the same interface , fast and intuitive. And you can even customize your Gmail to look the same as Outlook.

With all these new configurations, various users have been looking for ways to customize and improve said page to their liking, something that was previously possible, however, there are various options and tools of which not all users were a knowledge and why that, this post we created. An incredible example of this is the fact that you can put your Gmail in dark mode.

We want to teach you step by step how to put a custom theme inside Gmail, to give your own touch and feel much more comfortable with it, keep reading more on this topic below.

Steps to follow to change the theme, background and letter in Gmail

Among the possibilities that Gmail offers its users, one of the most famous tools is the ability to choose the different themes with which we can customize our pages. Thanks to the tools, we can insert photos predefined , landscapes or some solid colors.

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To be able to do this, start by opening your Gmail mail, as you normally would, then proceed with accessing the settings menu, which you find in the upper section highlighted with a nut icon. Once inside, we just have to go to the option " Temi "and then, from the options bar, we will press on the option" Pick a theme ".

Once pressed, we will see that a window will open, in which we will have the possibility to choose different themes of our own, which belong to the Google service, or failing that, you can select an image that is inside your PC.

Once you have chosen the photo, you can apply the vignette effect or any other effect to adapt the image and make it more pleasing to the eye.

Just as you place the photo , it is also possible that you add colors and change the font found within your Gmail account, it is all a matter of changing your preferences in order to find and adapt the possibilities that the page can offer you to feel comfortable with it.

Tools you should know

Once you start changing the look of your page, the size of your inbox will change too, but all of that will depend on your screen size, resolution, and similarly, the size of your window's window. browser . .

In doing so, we recommend that you experiment and test with all the customization options, try little by little how your screen will look, and so you will see the final result in a better way.

If you decide to change the content density, you need to start by clicking on the button that has a gear and then proceed to selecting the option " Content density ". Within this option, you will see that they come to you Offers three possibilities, which are: Default, Convenient and Compact.

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That's where we can choose the latest options and arrangements we will do on our page, which also fits all editions and provisions that we have done previously. All these editions and adaptability are designed in such a way that only you, when you open your email, feel comfortable and in this way everything is to your liking.

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