How to Insert Adsense Ads in the Middle of Blogger Posts?

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Writing is a passion shared by many people, both for hobbies and for money, lately the number of writers has grown a lot. Thanks to the internet there are now spaces where you can write what you are passionate about and get paid for it. That's why today you will learn how to quickly place Adsense ads among blogger entries.

All those who work on their passion deserve to be rewarded, with this in mind, Blogger was created, a website that allows users to share all kinds of literary content, for consumption by anyone in the world, practically free (it is possible to create an account on their main page).

      Put Adsense ads in the middle of blogger posts

      Before we get straight to the point, we need to explain why you need to place Google Adsense ads on a blog. This is simple, earn money, it is a form of monetization (quite used) that allows the blog owner to earn thanks to the people who visit their entries.

      This is one of the best ways to earn money, because it doesn't annoy any user (visitor). And it can also be placed simply in the following two ways: The first way to place Adsense ads in the middle of Blogger entries is through direct entry code.

      The first step logically is to write an entry. After you have it ready, switch to html view, once done, you just place a space where you want the ad to go within the entry and place it as adsense gives it to you.


      Once placed where you think is best use the preview option to see what the ad will look like within the post, if you don't like it, simply delete what you have placed and move it to where you think best, when it's ready post it. Hopefully, the ad should reflect within the post, allowing you to quickly earn money (depending on how popular your blog is, of course).

      As a tip, you should learn how to activate Anti-Adblock on your website, so that everyone who enters necessarily sees the ads and you don't lose money.

      Place Adsense in the center of the template

      The following method to place Adsense ads in the middle of blog posts. It is the more useful of the two, as it will allow you to place ads on all posts at once.

      The first thing you should do is pass your Adsense code in plain text, when you have already managed to convert it, go to the section " Model" and then up "Edit HTML". Here look for the tags , when you find it you have to replace it with the following code: " <div expr:id=""aim1< +'> /

      Enter the analyzed Adsense code here

      / / / / var obj2 =document.getElementById("aim0"); / var obj1=document.getElementById("aim1"); / var s=obj2.innerHTML; / var! – adsense – x3E/igm); / if(r>3) {obj0.innerHTML=s.substr(0,r);obj0.innerHTML=s.substr(r+1);} /

      When you have achieved this, save all the changes you have made and return to your post, here you proceed to place an ad and place this tag within said post.

      With that it will be ready, now you just need to test again to see where your ad is best within the lobby. In case you don't enter the last tag, the ad will still appear, just under the headline.

      />Also keep in mind that you may find several tags , try them until the method works (may be the first). < /p>


      With all of the above explained, it should be clear how to place Adsense ads in the middle of blogger entries. So, with this out of the way, it is worth noting how awesome this website is. Since, if you decide to join its large community, you will be able to let your imagination run wild.

      And also as you may see today you will earn money for your projects so you have to polish yourself to be the best writer on the website and then live your dream.

      To conclude, in the unlikely event that you do not like the Google option, you can always look for what are the alternative options to Google Adsense to monetize?, and also as a complement also look for what types of advertising exist on the Internet ?

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