How to insert graduation mark or symbol in PowerPoint easily?

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If you frequently use an office program, you must have noticed that sometimes when you are typing, characters are missing on the keyboard. These are the special ones, which are not predetermined and cannot be placed normally. With that in mind, today you will learn how to insert graduation sign or symbol in PowerPoint.

There is nothing worse than getting inspired by writing any kind of article and having to stop because you are missing a symbol that does not appear with any combination of your keyboard. Many think these cannot be entered into the computer, but that is completely a lie, and now you will see why.

    Put the graduation mark or symbol in PowerPoint

    To insert the degree sign or symbol in PowerPoint there are several ways, all equally easy to do, the first of which is via the program's symbols menu. If you want to get it successfully, you must first click where you want the symbol to go, then go to the tab called " Inserisci "located at the top of the screen.

    Then, go to the menu called " Text "and select the option" Symbol ", this will open a window that will allow you to enter symbols. Scroll through it to find the degree symbol (usually it is at the bottom) and press it as soon as you find it, then click on" Inserisci ", and voila the sign will be in your document.

    Enter the symbol with the virtual keyboard

    With the above, you will have your own symbol in PowerPoint, however there is also another way to place it. This is through the virtual keyboard that the computer brings. This option is available in most new operating systems and you can activate it by selecting the icon that looks like a keyboard, located in the lower right corner (if it does not appear like this on your PC, you will have to find how to put and activate the virtual keyboard on the screen).

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    By doing so, a touch keyboard will appear on the screen, with which it will be possible to type by clicking the keys with the mouse. Once opened, look for the graduation symbol , and when you find it simply select it, it will integrate it into your document (no matter what Office program you are in, it works in everything).

    Place the degree symbol in Word

    With the above, the question How to put the sign or symbol of degrees in PowerPoint was completely resolved ? , now as a little extra you will see a trick to insert it into Word (which will help you, for example, when entering or writing mathematical equations and formulas in Word and also when using the system of equations in Google Docs documents).

    If you want to achieve this, you have to go to the section " Inserisci "in Word and from there select the option called" Symbol "which is on the far right of the bar. This action will show a box, where you can choose many marks, but the degrees will not be there, so you have to select "Other symbols".

    So, in the next section that will appear, you need to choose the letter character (times new Roman) and "Latin Supplement - 1 "in the" Subset "drop-down menu located right next to it.

    This will allow you to choose the rank symbol, after doing so click on " Inserisci ", and voila, you will have achieved your goal in no time. Now you can say that you know how to put the degree sign or symbol in PowerPoint and also in Word. So you already know how to handle both programs more smoothly.

    Remember that there are even more symbols you can place besides the degree, so take your time to investigate these special characters and the correct use of each of them (especially if you are planning to enter equations or write math formulas ).

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