How to insert, include or attach a video in email marketing campaigns

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Videos are one of the most creative ways to convey different messages to different people, as the variety of their content allows the message to be a little more attractive and attracts much better attention of the users in question.

If you are one of those who are fascinated by multimedia video formats and you believe they are necessary to really better convey your message, keep reading this article to be able to do it.

    For those who still do not know very well what this tool is for, we would like to point out that it is commonly used from company to customer to convey information and stay in touch with customers.

    To use them, it is necessary to have the information of each of the customers, that is with theirs Email , therefore there is a predisposition of these to receive said information that the company wants to transmit. With it you can include messages that contain texts, images and even videos, the latter using accessories that are used in the following way.

    Although it is important to know that today the Email Marketing has been quite displaced by Marketing in social networks. It's no secret to anyone that some of the kings when it comes to digital marketing currently are networks like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, etc. Especially in terms of video format, since in this type of network there are much more active users, more receptive and a much greater reach for whatever marketing campaign you want to undertake.

    First steps with the plugin

    To be able to add a video you need to make use of add-ons like the one called "MailChimp", which is ideal for creating and sending campaigns, just search for it in your browser and once inside you have to register , which is really easy.

    Once you are inside the platform, you have to press where it says 'register' select the type of plan you want, if there is also the free option. After that you just have to enter your company email and also write your name and password.

    After that we have to confirm from our e-mail the e-mail that the platform has sent us, this will direct us to the platform. We have to press continue.

    Next we add all our data from the name to the URL of your website as a company. Therefore press continue and complete the following form relative to the address of your company.

    Once you have answered all of this, you will be asked if you have the emails recorded in an Excel document, you must select yes and add this to be able to create the lists , just answer a few questions about your business and press continue.

    In case you do not have the mailing list, you can continue to advance and therefore already subscribed, just search through its options and you can attach these lists at any time. The free plan must only send messages to 2.000 people though you want to send your mail to more people, you will need a more expensive plan.

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    How to insert the video in the Email Marketing campaigns from the plugin?

      With that done, you can basically say that the video is already inserted in the body of the message, so that customers can see it perfectly

      Get the most out of email marketing

      Digital marketing is without a doubt the current king when it comes to trade , so it is more than evident that all those entrepreneurs who have a product to show must refine 100% in order to get the most out of this tool, whatever the medium is.

      On this occasion we want to talk to you about how to get the most out of email marketing , as even today it is a fairly effective tool to reach all the potential customers you hope to get. But, as with any marketing strategy, of course, email marketing is not simply writing an email offering a product and sending it to many people, nothing is further from reality. It is important that you have a number of considerations and manage certain techniques , so that your Email Marketing campaign is 100% effective.

      Some of the most important considerations to keep in mind are:

      • To start you have to get the data , that is; The email of the people to whom this information will be addressed, but not only, as it is advisable do a kind of market study , as with any type of advertising, it's important that you know how to target your product to the ideal industry, so you won't just be sending emails by sending them.
      • Before you have done the market study, it is very likely that you already have the information that will be sent to you in the mail ready, right? important to segment your information well and that they add them right and necessary, expressing in detail what they want to reach the customer. This is why all information, be it textual, multimedia, etc. Be well segmented, as sending a lot of information without an established structure will only be a waste of time on the part of the user and will ensure that the user doesn't even take the time to read everything you have to say.
      • It is very important that you adopt "Responsive Design" as a priority, as the technological world advances and you must progress with it. That's why you shouldn't think of designs solely geared to be read or reproduced on a computer, as according to verified data, 72% of users check their email from their mobile.
      • It is of vital importance create a good title for the subject of your product , as a good headline will give the person who received this email an incentive to click on it, in the same way that a good headline is needed. It is important to have a good 'Call to action', so that the user, once inside the mail, feels the need to continue investigating and later, have options for the customer to click on and thus be in able to access more information, this is achieved through links, downloadable documents, forms, videos, etc.
      • Finally, it is important that you are 100% clear on the power of video in your emails , which is ultimately the subject of this article. Since although that's true, you can have flawless design, good writing, good SEO, but if you like media that has a positive impact on your audience, you will have an incredible bonus in your campaign.
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      What should a good email marketing video have?

      The power of video today is incredibly great, with over 80% of advertising traffic, entertainment, broadcast traffic, etc., known today. It is made from video , this is a surprising number, don't you think?

      Video in marketing can work perfectly on its own, as well as being the perfect complement to good text. Through the video we can explain in a much more complete way everything we need to express. But being a more complete method than text or image, it is a little more complex to obtain, or at least to do it well.

      A good email marketing video it must be perfectly capable of functioning on its own , that is, to convey information without the need for another type of complement such as text or image. The Email Marketing video must be precise, show in detail all the advantages it has to offer you whatever they are offering you, this through demonstrations, testimonials, etc.

      Returning to the "Responsive design" part, it is important that your advertising videos adapt to different formats and platforms, in so that their quality is not lost when played on a device that does not have a format to view them correctly.

      It is important that the quality of the video is high, and we are not just talking about the quality of the playback, but also the quality of its output, as the way this video is made will not only be important for a good understanding of it, but also , will be the face that the 'seller' will show to the customer.

      Add videos in email marketing

      You are probably wondering: How can I add a video to my Email Marketing campaign? Is it possible that I can attach a video to Gmail and send it? Well, you really can, but it's not the 'should be', since there is no way to insert this type of video, the all through specific complements and methods, in order to reach potential future consumers in the best possible way.

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      How to embed a video with Viwomail

      Viwomail is a video software that will be able to provide you with all kinds of information regarding the performance of the videos you wish to attach to your emails. It's a great complement, as it allows you to track, across all sorts of figures, the receptivity this has had in your advertising campaign.

      This software it is compatible with different tools for email marketing , some like: Mailrelay, Sendgrid, Get Response, Acumbamail, etc. To insert a video with Viwomail, you will have to follow a series of simple steps:

      • You will need to have an account first.
      • Then you will need to create your campaign and define its name.
      • This software will allow you to upload videos up to 90 seconds.
      • You can configure your video with one of these options: Autoplay, Loop and Mute.
      • After configuring your video, you simply have to copy the code that Viwomail will generate in the HTML of the Email-Marketing template.
      • Then you will confirm the preview and that's it, you can publish it.

      Attach a video with Wyzowl

      Wyzowl is a platform where you can create all kinds of video and multimedia material , in order to offer good comprehensive marketing, targeting all this to your customers. It is important to keep in mind that this platform will allow you to create animated videos.

      Embed video with Vidyard

      Vidyard is a Canadian company that was born to provide you with comprehensive advice on everything related to your videos , taking care of them from their creation, to the dissemination strategies that will allow you to get the best from the internet. The same happens when we apply the videos created by Vidyard oriented to Email Marketing.

      The process for uploading videos from Vidyard or Wyzowl into an email marketing campaign is quite similar to ViwoMail and rest assured that each of them it will be quite effective in creating your campaign.

      Email marketing is a tool that will tremendously enhance any marketing campaign you wish to launch, which coupled with the power of video will ensure your product reaches quite impressive levels of impact and reach.

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