How to insert or copy Excel table in Word without moving or modifying it

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Le Excel tables are currently widely used , as they will allow and simplify many activities or tasks of the day. In addition, this Microsoft Office program is versatile and will allow you to get the general average in Excel quickly and easily. However, sometimes it is necessary to move or move tables made in Excel in a text format such as Word, because they serve to complement the information that is reflected in these formats.

Similarly, in case you are thinking of creating a table in Excel and you need to transfer it to Word, it is important that you have the latest version of the office suite, which you will find on its official Microsoft-Office page; since in this way you will avoid compatibility problems between programs and you can move the table to Word without any problem.

    Steps to copy an Excel table to Word without it moving

    The first thing you need to know is that inserting a table from Excel to Word isn't a complicated procedure, however the difficulty of copying it to that other format will increase if the table is very long . If this happens, the table could be altered and therefore the information it contains. To prevent this from happening, you need to do the following.

    Paste as table

    In order to import the table into Word at first, you need to verify that the information can fit on a page of the layout. In this case it is necessary to carry out the following operations; You need to go to Excel where you have the table and locate in the lower right part, there you will notice that there are some boxes, locate the one that says page break preview . By selecting this option you will see that the table will be displayed in the same section.

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    Next you will see that there are lines that will appear vertically and horizontally in blue. Similarly you will notice that letters with the word 'Page' will appear in the watermark, these are indicative of the amount of pages in which the table will be appreciated.

    That is, if you see that the file says page 1, page 2 and page 3, it is because Excel has configured the table to appear in 3 sheets, this will indicate that your table will be distorted, to prevent you from doing the following.

    You will select the blue lines and drag them to the end of the sheet, this way you will get the whole table to be displayed on the same sheet or page. To check this, you can go to the press section and you will notice that the table will appear on a single sheet .

    Paste as Excel object

    In this case, the ideal is that the Word format is configured horizontally , that is, the sheet has a landscape orientation so that the table is displayed better. To insert the table you will do the following, go to the Excel format and select the table and copy it as you would an image in a Word document.

    Another way to enter the table is as follows, you will search an option called paste which is at the top left , you will select it and click on the appropriate paste section; There you will see a dialog box where you will find the section that says "Microsoft Excel Object Spreadsheet" and voila, when you click on it, the table will be pasted automatically.

    Paste as image

    There are several ways you can pass a table from Excel to Word, making sure it is not altered and displayed in the same way, one of the simplest and most used ways is via an image . The first way you can use is to shade and select the whole table, you can do it by pressing the left mouse button to select the copy option or you can do it with the help of the keyboard, pressing 'Ctrl + E' to select all the boxes that own the table. When you do that go to Word, at the top of the beginning you will see a box that says "Paste" when you press it you will see some small options, select the one that says "Image" or just press "Ctrl + V" 'on the keyboard, now you can look at the table in Word as a picture.

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    The second way to do this is to go to startup or to menu on your computer and type in the search engine "Snipping Tool" this is an application that comes with all devices. When you log in you have to press the 'New' option, then cut the table. When finished you will see that it will go to another tab from which you can save it as an image. Now enter Word and go to the "Insert" and then "Image" option, in order to find the image you have saved and attach it to the sheet. It must be said that once you add it to Word you won't be able to make any kind of changes to it.

    How to link an Excel table to a Word document

    In case, by inserting the Excel table in Word format, you you notice that it is not displayed correctly , don't worry, just go to the gray borders that are at the edges of the table. You will see that you can reduce or increase the size of the table without losing its characteristics, and also to make it look better you can configure the margins so that the sheet has more space.

    If you have already successfully copied the Excel table to Word without it being modified and want to print it, we recommend that you convert this file to PDF format; since in this way you can print or send the document complete without running the risk of it being altered or modified.

    Copy data from Excel to Word document without table

    Excel and Word they are very important tools to be able to carry out our activities in the most correct way, but there are some functions that we do not know and that we should know. On the other hand, it may happen that it is necessary to pass some information to Word to be able to modify it, but usually these are passed in table format. There are two ways to pass table content only to Word.

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    Using the paste options

    Open Excel and copy all the information you want to pass, then go to Word; place the mouse on the sheet and press the right button, when you do you will see how a menu will be displayed, go to the section ' Paste options 'and select the one that says' Keep text only'. When you do this, you will see how all sorted data without tables is found.

    Using the 'convert to text' option

    To be able to do this, simply repeat the first step, which is to copy the information from Excel and then paste it into Word. After selecting the table, click on 'Layout' located at the top. Then press the box ' Convert to text ', you will see that a window will appear and select the option you prefer most to separate the text, finally click on ok and you will see how the data range changes.

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