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This video platform has undoubtedly been one of the best and most used by users on the Internet, being part of the various streaming platforms that we can download or install like Netflix, Spotify, Disney + and many more.

Allowing us to spend time entertaining ourselves in every way, providing content for all users , be they children, young people and adults.

But the best thing about YouTube, unlike other platforms, is that it gives us the opportunity to enjoy its contents totally free , without limitations of any kind and the time we want to use it.

Although there is a YouTube option that has recently been innovated and that is that we can enjoy ad-free videos , called YouTube Premium formerly YouTube Red, offers its trial services for one month for free, but then we have to pay to keep watching.

By allowing us to upload videos through mobile phones, on our personalized channel, the world of video and film platforms has undoubtedly revolutionized society and the Internet in recent years and have come to stay in our lives in a positive way.

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  1. Why use emojis in YouTube titles, descriptions or comments?
  2. What are the best emojis to use on YouTube?
  3. How to make faces with the computer keyboard
  4. Insert emojis on YouTube with your mobile
  5. What can I do with YouTube?
  6. Some YouTube features not to be missed

Why use emojis in YouTube titles, descriptions or comments?

Previously YouTube was a platform where you could quickly reach specific videos, as there was not much variety within the "catalog" when using the search engine. Today this has changed a lot cause of telecommunications globalization , most people have access to smartphones, cameras and editing programs that facilitate content creation, resulting in video saturation within the platform.

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Distinguishing yourself from a large number of videos can be tricky. Using emojis is a practical solution to this problem, since if we accompany the title of our video, for example a 'Call of Duty Gameplay' with the Joystick emoji, the attention will quickly go to it, passing over the videos with simple titles. The same result is achieved by using them in the description of the video or in its comments, the viewer will not go beyond reading them when they find it boring and boring, moreover, the good use of these emoji it will facilitate reading comprehension, making the content enjoyable for the user.

What are the best emojis to use on YouTube?

Using emojis can make things easier for us when it comes to receiving visits, but at the same time we need to use them wisely and preferably refer to the content we upload. The most popular emojis that we can use for almost any type of channel they are the ones who express emotions because they generate curiosity in the viewer or explain a little more about the content of the video, for example a "If you laugh you lose" with the "cry with laughter" emoji generates more visits, awakening the curiosity of how beautiful it will be.

How to make faces with the computer keyboard

Emojis have grown in use significantly, being an expressive part of the topic we want to reach the audience, first of all we need to do to insert or add emojis on YouTube is to enter the platform with our username and password, If we do not have an account we can open it easily, in the same way it is also possible to enter without our email.

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After that, we must enter where we will place the emoji, that is, as the title of a publication that we will do or in a comment, it is important to know that when performing this action we must to press rigorously on the 'text bar' , then press the ' windows +' .

Finally we will get a pop-up window with three tabs included, which contains emojis divided into categories, the second tab offers us various emoticons and the third tab indicates more symbols that we can use for any occasion, to place them just click on what we choose and press the button ' esc' , it's that simple, so give it a try.

Insert emojis on YouTube with your mobile

Entering emojis using mobile is very simple, most Android phones have the option on the keyboard, especially at the bottom next to the space bar. But if we don't have this option, we can also use pages which offer us a list of emojis to copy and paste without modifying them on the intended platform. One of the most popular pages is ''.

What can I do with YouTube?

It should be noted that YouTube not only performs the function of " watch videos" as many people think, but we need to investigate further and know everything it offers us to enjoy a fun journey through it.

First of all, we can search for channels, like YouTubers we like and follow them, this option to follow is like that of other social networks, we see the content that the user followed publishes and appears in a list of "followed" to our initial or main menu.

Likewise, you have the option to " save for later " , i.e. videos of any type of content, if at any time we see one that interests us, but at that moment we cannot see it, this tool is the chosen one, undoubtedly one of the best.

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Also, when we watch videos, YouTube automatically creates a start of videos that may interest us , based on the previous content we've seen, i.e. some kind of hint.

Some YouTube features not to be missed

One of them is that it allows us to edit video online , in addition to looking for videos from our mobile phone on our channel, this platform is a great ally and we can do it more comfortably in every way.

Likewise, it has a server that analyzes and studies the speed of our Internet, to be able to adapt to what we are doing or working, in order to obtain better performance within these activities on the video platform.

One of the best things about YouTube Live is that we can watch live video from anywhere in the world and any general event, through this fantastic tool, and then informs us of the broadcast time and specific day.

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